Monday, October 31, 2011

Video: Modeselektor – “Shipwreck” Featuring Thom Yorke

Here is the new video for Thom Yorke and Modeselektor's previosuly discussed collaborative track "Shipwreck". The clip was directed by Tony T. Datis and works well for Halloween today as it features a little boy with a visibly disturbed nature, he encounters zombies and a vicious dog while curiously collecting batteries. Watch it below…

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video: Orbital - "Never"

While the rest of the gang are in Paris enjoying the Pitchfork Music Festival I’ll keep things going with some news from the Orbital. The boys have a new album dropping in April 2012, here is the lead video for single “Never” and you can pick up the free mp3 over at the artist website.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Announcement: Red Cup will also be covering "We Love 1024 BoomBox" in Paris (29.10.11) feat. LFO, Actress, Jackson and his Computer Band and more

Red Cup is extremely excited to announce that literally right after the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris (28-29.10.11) we will also be attending covering the "We Love 1024 BoomBox" event which is conveniently also taking place at the Grande Halle de la Vilette this Saturday (29.10.11).  The line-up includes Warp legend LFO, Actress, Miss Kittin and the Parisian Jackson & His Computer Band (we were wondering where he had dissappeared after his brilliant debut LP on Warp back in 2005). If you want to join us you can grab tickets here.

The event, organized by the Creator's Project and We Love Art will take place in front of the gigantic "BoomBox" put together by 1024 Architecture (see video below for more details on the impressive BoomBox).  Needless to say...the next 2 days are going to be amazing! Stay tuned on our blog and our facebook page for posts, videos and photos from the events.

Watch: Patten - "Plurals" Music Video

Don't worry it's not your internet connection giving you a hard time, the video for "Plurals", as well as the song itself, actually begins that way.  Come to think of it Patten's choice to use this generation's nuisance in experiencing media, i.e. bandwidth stalling while streaming, was a timely one.  Many have creatively manipulated the overcompression effect of bad quality MP3s, but to our knowledge no one has used online streaming problems (the latest and biggest trend in listening to audio) as a source for music.   However, Patten doesn't stop here...when we grew up CD skipping was the main issue (Gold Panda used this effect musically on his brilliant "Quitter's Raga"), yet later in the song he goes even further back in the history of audio technical problems, using cassette tape creasing, a wonderfully nostalgic effect (used by Boards of Canada on many of their tracks), on his wobbly and shakey lead synth line.  From our description you might have already realized we're talking about an experimental track, yet you might not know that the music of Patten is grounded in techno.  His latest album "GLAQJO XAACSSO" on the No Pain in Pop label, is the kind of experimental techno pioneered by Autechre and currently spearheaded by the likes of Actress, whose work we are particularly fond of right now.  If you want to read our view on this exciting new direction of electronic music head over to our recent relevant post.  Or you could experience the audio/visual cutting edge of this sound below:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walls - "Hang Four" (The Field's macarena remix)

While we made our affection for the Walls' sophomore long player "Coracle" very clear, we still aren't completely convinced The Field's latest album "Looping State of Mind", especially in comparison to his previous work, of which were are huge fans.  This temporary opinion aside (some albums take longer to get into), this stellar 'macarena' remix of the Walls track "Hang Four" by The Field is a worthy dreamy loop-based techno adventure, similar to his previous chop of the Junior Boy's "Banana Ripple".  Listen to it here:
Walls - Hang Four (The Field's Macarena Remix) by walls_band

Nicolas Jaar - "Always by Your Side" (remix of Sneaky Sound System's "Big"

The last time we heard news from Nicolas Jaar his debut album  "Beats in Space" was being pulled off shelves due to the unauthorized use of a sample on one of the tracks (lucky are those who managed to grab a hold of the now limited original version).  This new track by the New Yorker/Chilean producer, is essentially a remix for Sneaky Sound System's "Big".  It's a stripped back tune with claps, breaths and silence fighting it out in the rhythm section while a guitar lick and a buzzing bass synth set a somber and melodic tone.  The track feels big and spacious yet with a very minimal sound palette, which is exactly what Nicolas does best.  Listen to it below or download it for free here:
Sneaky Sound System - Big (Nicolas Jaar's Always By Your Side Version) by modularpeople

Pitchfork Festival Paris: Set times and Line-Up

As we announced recently, Red Cup will be covering the Pitchfork Festival in Paris on the 28th and 29th of October 2011.  Pitchfork just revealed the schedule of the shows and set times of the Festival.  Take a look below:

October 28:

5:20 pm Fucked Up
6:30 pm Real Estate
7:30 pm Washed Out
8:35 pm Wild Beasts
9:45 pm Mondkopf
11:00 pm Aphex Twin
1:00 am Pantha du Prince
2:10 am Cut Copy
3:00 am Four Tet (DJ set)
4:15 am Erol Alkan (DJ set)

October 29:
2:20 pm Rosebuds
3:25 pm Kathleen Edwards
4:30 pm Stornoway
5:40 pm Jens Lekman
7:00 pm Lykke Li
8:20 pm Bon Iver

Efdemin - "Please" EP

Efdemin has long been on our radar due to his own intricate productions and the big remixes he's received from other Red Cup favorites such as Martyn and John Beltran to name a few.  Released on Belgian label Curle, Efdemin returns with his new "Please" EP, a welcome addition to the artist's soulful techno discography. The 2 track EP features "Farnsworth House" which has a funky element to it and "Blount" which was produced with his good friend Kassian Troyer and is a deeper and more pensive track.

Efdemin - Please EP (CURLE 035) by CurleRec

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch: Stay+ - "Fever" Music Video

We loved the track "Fever" by Stay + and told you about it as soon as it came out.  Now take a look at the music video for that track which portrays the end of a clubbing night for a girl that had little bit too much of reverse. "Fever" will be released on November 2nd on Ramp Recordings:

Watch: Joker - "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)" Music Video

We know, we know...we've overposted this track and all its incarnations.  However, while we weren't won over by Joker's latest album "The Vision", which you can stream in its entirety here, we're still obsessed with the sheer power of this track, which is aptly reflected in the brand new music video posted below.  The video directed by Robert Semmer for "The Vision" (the 'Let Me Breathe' version featuring both Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs), is a fast-forward/slow-motion affair à la "300" and it's got abs too only this time they're female.  Watch below or if you love the track as much as we do, download it here for free

Watch: The Prodigy - short video for Greek fans

This short video, brought to our attention by an old friend, was made by The Prodigy for their Greek fans. It features an interview and footage from the band's appearance at the Rockwave Festival in Malacasa, which Red Cup covered extensively here.  After a quick recount of all the violence that has occured during all their gigs in Greece, the band suggests that their apperance in Athens inspired them to get back in the studio.  Toward the end, Liam talks about their next record describing it as 'deeper' and 'heavier' (really ?!) claiming that it will have the anger present on their second LP combined with the urgency evident on their latest album.  Watch the video here:

Damu - "Dont Cry in my Bed"

We were excited about Damu's work since his remix of Water Borders' "What Wi want".  The Manchester based producer seems to be churning out some very optimistic beats, which is also the case for "Dont Cry in my Bed" despite the title.  The track samples the line "One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" famously said by Bob Marley but also repeated by Dead Prez and Drake (we think this is a pitch-altered version from Drake's verse).  Listen to "Don't Cry in my Bed", which is also the closing track from Damu's LP "Unity" out now on Keysound records:

Download: Boards of Canada mix by DJ Food

If you're anything likes us than your probably really really miss Boards of Canada.  The hordes of immitators, as well as an entire generation inspired by their music (see nearly all the lo-fi electronic scene, witch-house, ghost-hop etc) just doesn't seem to cut it.  While the appearance of new BoC material is long overdue, rumors are growing that an album is on the way, based on the appearance of a grey empty icon amidst the duo's discography on their official website (this apparently also happened sometime before their last release the "Trans Canada Highway" EP). 

Given this painfull drought, Ninja Tune artist DJ Food's (Strictly Kev) mix of tracks from their Geodaddi album might have been missed by some but shouldn't be overlooked.  According to Kev "Ten 3" CDs were made in hexagonal foldout covers with printed and sticker insides. BoC were given 4, Warp were given 4, Kev has 2."  The mix serves as a reminder (hopefully to the band themselves too!) of the relevance, timelessness and, yes, genius, of the duo's music. Listen to or download Sometime In The Future by DJ Food below.  Here's hoping that we'll hear some new BoC material 'sometime in the future' too.


Monday, October 24, 2011

James Blake - "Libra"

When the announcement on the R&S facebook page came that a new James Blake EP was releasing in December, this blog wasn't particularly excited due to his recent vocal-centric direction, which found us slightly uninterested.  This is not to say we aren't fans of his vocals, we just prefer them when their riding on one of his impressive productions, rather than on ballad piano chords. However, "Libra" a radio rip of a track from this forthcoming EP, which was also played out on Jamie xx's 'BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix'  indicates that James is thankfully returning to his machines once more.  Listen to "Libra" below:

Watch: eLan - "Next 2 Last" Music Video

We've been big fans of eLan's chirpy chip-tuned Dilla sound ever since he was discovered and promoted  by Modeselektor through their Monkeytown imprint. After two brilliant EPs (Alligator Snaps and Fuzzy Numbers), the Californian beatmaker finally released his first LP on that label entitled "Next 2 Last", which features quite a few tracks from his previous short players, including the title track itself.  Watch this apt cartoony/performance video for "Next 2 Last" or preview the LP and order it at the Monkeytown site:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sandwell District Live in Athens @ Six D.O.G.S.

Sandwell District - with Regis & Function constitute a peak of the techno scene at the moment with support from the Berghain crew and backing from such heavyweights as Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin, Troy Pierce and others.  This dynamic duo have been experimenting with their music for over a decade. According to Beatport: "Influential British techno label Downwards are causing waves with their new imprint Sandwell District, as is Marcel Dettmann, Shed and Sleeparchive, who have all picked up where Downwards left techno in the late 1990s." 

Regis & Function  will are appearing live at Six D.O.G.S. on October 22nd in Athens, Greece. Not to be missed by any local techno fan. Red Cup will be there to support their live act and cover it of course! Stay tuned...

Zomby - "Labyrinth"

A while back we did a post that put Zomby's latest release at that time up against one of label mate Joker's - the conclusion we made then applies to how we view the two men's albums now.  While Joker has moved from toying with mainstream ideas to defining what mainstream dubstep sounds like (Tiesto even remixed one of his tracks), Zomby is digging deeper underground, finding inspiration in the roots of the genre.  On November 28th Zomby will be releasing on EP on 4AD of tracks previously available on a Japanese only version of his brilliant "Dedication" LP (we weren't aware that was still going on!).  The EP is entitled "Nothing" and will also be available as white vinyl in a white sleeve.  You can steam "Labyrinth" a track from the elusive and masked Zomby's upcoming EP below. The tune is a throwback to sirens, breaks and that "special request..." sample we all know and love.  Listen to some of Nothing from  Noone below:

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - "Let the Lord Shine a Light On Me " (UNKLE Remix)

This bit of news felt like it was the late 90s all over again.  When we heard that UNKLE had done a remix for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds project we were on the edge of our seats in acticipation.  This is particularly because we always thought that the only constant in James Lavelle's contsantly morphing UNKLE project was that his sound was always better suited to male vocals.  This is not to say we didn't love latest album "Where did the Night Fall" which focused heavily on female voices, yet UNKLE's collaborations with Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Badly Drawn Boy, Mike D (Beastie Boys), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Ian Astbury (The Cult), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Gavin Clarke (Clayhill), Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) Joel Cadbury (South), Richard File (former member of UNKLE and currently of We Fell to Earth) and others are the stuff made of legend.  Not to mention  loads of  vocal remixes and club edits for the Verve, Depeche Mode, The Doors, The Doves, The Stone Roses, The Big Pink etc.

In fact the only thing missing from this impresive list is a collaboration with at least one of the Oasis brothers.  That day has finally come, granted in the form of a remix, with the epically entitled "Let the Lord Shine a Light on Me."  As far as the production goes, the remix is in the vain of the sound developed on UNKLE latest album - an electronic yet somehow deeply organic blend that is hard to explain in words.  There are a lot of electronic music artists claiming to exhude emotion and soul from their machines, but few can make their LEDs and glowing screens rock like this:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stream: Planetary Assault Systems (aka Luke Slater) - "The Messenger" LP

The 'Sonic Aventurer' Luke Slater returns as Planetary Assault Systems for another ground-breaking long player on Beghain's Ostgut Ton label.  Luke set the bar pretty high when he described the aim of his newest album as being "a journey of discovery, to create new sounds which are not otherwise present in club music at this time."  Red Cup will have to agree with him on that as on "The Messenger" he provides a soulful and hypnotic techno album that goes beyond the genre's typical bells and whistles.  Thanks to the man himself you can now listen to the entire album below in one continuous soundcloud stream or you can order it here:
Planetary Assault Systems - The Messenger (OstgutLP10/CD20 - 24.10.11) by Luke Slater / P.A.S.

Listen: Mickey Moonlight - "This Son"

The latest release on Ed Banger comes courtesy of Mickey Moonlight with "Close to Everything" EP. Check "This Son" from the EP below which comes with remixes by Playgroup + a Martin Brothers remix of the title track I included as a little bonus for y’all:

Mickey Moonlight - This Son by edbangerrecords

Mickey Moonlight - Close To Everything (The Martin Brothers dub) by edbangerrecords

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stream: Extrawelt - 'In Aufruhr' LP

Preview the new Extrawelt album "In Aufruhr" below:

Extrawelt - In Aufruhr (CORCD028) by cocoonrecordings

Focus on: Rustie - "Surph"

Now that the (crystal) dust has finally settled and all the rave reviews, whose opinions we share, have been written Red Cup would like to zero-in on our favorite track from the album that we had warned you early on would be huge.  Rustie's "Glass Swords" long player as a whole is quite an accomplishment and you can read all about it almost everywhere these days.  While the early release single "All Nite" hinted at the album's greatness, "Glass Swords'" third track "Surph" surpasses all expectations. In fact, all of what we think of this track is also relevant to the rest of the album sporadically, but "Surph" combines all these elements into one near pefect song.  

Dubstep only servers as a loose canvas or framework for "Surph" and by no means straightjackets its sound palette. The track starts off with a trancey stab sequence that would turn off most elitists of the aforementioned genre, only before introducing the crispiest snare and the punchiest kick we've heard from a Warp artist since fellow Glascowian Hudson Mohawke.  While the stabs continue throughout the track, they are joined by pitched and mangled vocals (of an R&B origin no doubt processed voices of Rustie himself and Nightwave) and a sawtooth bassline highlighting the kick's thud. Finally,  the end of the track Rustie introduces a simple yet audacious melodic synth hook, right at the front of the mix, that brings to mind the thrill of first hearing The Prodigy's "No Good (Start the Dance)" or the keytar solo on Daft Punk's "Digital Love".  The whole affair is a wonderfully refreshing cure to the minimalist plague on electronic music, that has all too often been used as a cover for lack of ideas.  Rustie's sound is plethoric and proud, over the top for a reason.  Rustie's "Glass Swords" is the deep fried Mars bar of electronic music.  Listen to our favorite track "Surph" below and order the album here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burial remixes Massive Attack's "Paradise Circus"

Last week we brought you the big news of Burial's and Massive Attack's collaboration on the track "Four Walls" (if you you haven't already, click this link to go to our post and download it).  Now you can listen to the flip side of that limited 12" record which released yesterday through Inhale Gold and the Vinyl Factory.  As you can hear on the radio rip below, the Burial atmospherics are all there as well as Hope Sandoval's vocals, only the track is lower on the BPMs than either act is accustomed too.  If you liked this you should also listen to the much older remix of the same Massive Attack track by Gui Boratto right below:

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Gui Boratto Remix) by lucidonline

Watch: M83 - "Midnight City" Music Video

Watch the video to M83's squeeky clean synth-pop anthem "Midnight City", which is also the lead single to Anthony Gonzalez' latest album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming".  As you might remember by that short trailer we had posted before the release of the album, this Frenchman's massive soundscapes, mid-range vocals and driving synthesizer leads are well suited to visuals.  This video, directed by Fleur & Manu, is "a tribute to Village of the Damned, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and other Akiras"....sign us up for more:

Monday, October 17, 2011

eLan - "Fuzzy Numbers" EP

Hot on the heels of his previous EP "Alligator Snaps", eLan just released his latest record on Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records.  The equally charmingly entitled "Fuzzy Numbers" EP sounds like Braindance gone Dilla and features track after track of highlights including a characteristically awesome Modeselektor remix.  Preview the entire EP below or order it here:

eLan "Fuzzy Numbers EP" (MTR016) - Out on October 14th by Modeselektor

Raime - FACT mix

Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, aka Raime, whose lengthily titled EP we posted recently, just delivered an interesting mix for FACT revolving around 93' - 94' era jungle (d&b wasn't even a term back then).  On what could only be described as an influence-based mix from the otherwise techno duo on the Blackest Ever Black roster, Raime demonstrate how Detroit and more recently Berlin, were not the only influence on the modern industrial techno sound.  Early UK-based jungle productions played a huge role on this side of the Atlantic in codifying the urban life into electronic soundscapes.  Despite certain ragga influences that crept in the scene in the 90s, it was the mid-90s that put the concrete back in Jungle.  If you're still puzzled by Raime playing out old school Dillinja and Doc Scott records, listen beyong the breaks and focus on the sub bass, the drone pads and general atmospherics and it will make a lot more sense.  Listen to FACT mix 292 by Raime or download it for free directly at this link.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daphni (aka Caribou) - "Ahora"

On October 31st Caribou, under his Daphni monicker, will be releasing "Ahora" on Amazing Sounds.  The track is founded around an organic techno shuffle similar to Four Tet's latest sounds, but with a subtle eastern influence (listen close) enhancing the characteristic bleeps as well as a hair raising synth croon that is essentially the chorus.  Listen to "Ahora" and its remix by Margot below:

Daphni - Ahora by amazingsoundsrecords

Friday, October 14, 2011

Deadbeat - "Drawn And Quartered" remixed by Scuba and Efdemin

Red Cup highly recommends the "Drawn And Quartered Remixed" EP where Scuba under his SCB monicker takes on "First Quarter" while Efdemin tweaks "Cala's House" into deep tech house with some staple dubtechno influences and some as well. Listen to both tracks from this EP released on BLKRTZ and distributed by Kompakt below:
A1 First Quarter (SCB Edit) by deadbeat
B1 Cala's House Efdemin Rmx by deadbeat

Karin Park - "Tiger Dreams" Music Video and Photek Remix (free download)

It's difficult to listen to Karin Park without a few other Scandinavian divas coming to mind.  She's probably sick of hearing this but Karin Park undoubtedly sounds a lot like Björk (her accent) and Karin Andersson from The Knife (her tone) and has re-imagined herself like Robyn (her move from pop to electronic music)...but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  While Björk seems lost in her own Cosmos, The Knife have all but disappeared and Robyn...well she's still awesome, Karin combines these Norwegian and Swedish influences into a one woman Scandinavian super group, with a focused and confident new sound, which is also largely due to her brother David's production skills.  Listen to the beginning of "Tiger Dreams", before the vocals even kick in, and you'll immediately discover that despite that wobble on the bassline this is not a typical dubstep offering:

We're also very proud to be hosting a stream and free download of a remix by the legendary Photek.  Interestingly the original sounds more like a Photek production than his own remix which takes "Tiger Dreams" into more melodic dubstep territory.  You can buy the complete package here
Karin Park Tiger Dreams Photek Radio Edit - Free Download by aRedCup

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roots Panorama - "Threee" EP

Deetron and Ripperton team up as Roots Panorama for a new collaborative project out on French label Versatile Records. Endorsed by the likes of Dubfire and Richie Hawtin, as the title suggests "Threee" combines tech house and disco influences in a celebratory manner. On the EP the duo supplied alternate takes of the track but our pick is the Ripperton mix, which you can listen to below:
Roots Panorama - Threee (Ripperton Mix) Versatile records - Promocut by ripperton

Update: Download Massive Attack & Burial - "4 Walls"

Here is some exciting news…On October 17, Inhale Gold and the Vinyl Factory will release a limited edition, two-track 12" collaboration between Massive Attack and Burial. "Paradise Circus", is a rework of a track off Massive Attack's 2010 LP Heligoland and the second, "Four Walls", is a brand new recording. Listen to "Four Walls"below or download it here for free thanks to Self-titled daily.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LADA - "Lostbahnhof" EP

Red Cup is thrilled to hear of Dasha Rush's collaboration with Lars Hemmerling for the LADA project. This EP is on Rush's label Fullpanda Records and is the collaborative project's first official output. This is riveting industrial techno record with a mysterious undertone and dubbed out influences. Listen to title track "Lostbahnhof" below:
FULLPANDA 018 "Lostbahnhof " by LADA / forthcoming EP / preview sample by FULLPANDA RECORDS

Bloody Mary - New Mix for the Wilde Agency

We're known to be big fans of the Dame Music label in general.  However, nothing excites us more than when we hear news of a mix put together by label head Bloody Mary herself.  Her DJing  track record so far is near perfect and we've already posted her previous mix for the Wilde Agency a while back, so it is with much delight that we present to you her equally delicious second mix of the Wilde Agency, their 28th podcast, which you can listen to or download below: 

WILDE Podcast | 028 | Bloody Mary by WILDE Agency

Watch: High Places - "Sophia" Music Video

High Places put out some unclassifiable yet instantly gratifying music.  Hard as an achievement as that might sound, the LA based duo are back with a third album that does just that.  Their Original Colors LP is out on now on Thrill Jockey and you can preview some of the tracks on the duo's blog that also features a myriad of amazing photographs taken on tour and on various other occasions.  You should also take a look at this amazing video for album track "Sophia" choreographed and executed by Busy Gangnes and directed by High Places themselves.  Both the track and the video share a lazy everyday life hazyness that is bound to conjure "I've felt like this before" emotions.  Listen and watch below:

Alexey Volkov - "Playground" EP

New Russian producer Alexey Volkov just released "Playground", a deep and cavernous industrial techno EP, on Planete Rouge Records.  Listen to the ominous non-EP track "Spirals" featured below for a glance at the artist's vision or check out this great remix from CLR's Tommy Four Seven who fleshes out the original concept of EP track "Nomad"  which you can also listen to below:
Alexey Volkov - Spirals by alexey volkov

Free Download: Joker - "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)" feat. Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs

We have long endorsed the original version of this dubstep anthem when Jessie Ware was the only guest vocalist and the track had a slightly different name i.e. "The Vision (Breathe in)".  Now dubstep's purple funny man has released an alternate version of the track that also features a killer verse from Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs, which also happens to be the title track (minus the parenthesis) of his upcoming LP "The Vision" out on 4AD on November 8.  The addition of a rap verse adds more cred to our initial suspicions that Joker is edging deeper into mainstream terittory...but if it sounds like this we don't mind one bit.  Listen to "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)" or download for free below:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Announcement: Red Cup will be covering the Pitchfork Festival in Paris (28-29.10.2011)

Red Cup is proud and extremely excited to announce that on the 28 and 29 of October we will be in France in order to cover the now sold out Pitchfork Festival in Paris at the Grande Hall de la Villette.  Stay surfed-in on the days leading up the event as we'll be posting relevant articles and features.  During the Festival we will be posting photos, videos and articles from the events.  If you haven't heard the line-up head over to the artist section of the Festival website for details or listen to the playlist created by Pitchfork below.  We're particularly excited about Aphex Twin, Four Tet, Cut Copy, Washed Out, Lykke Li, Pantha du Prince, as well as Purity Ring who will be performing at the recently announced after party (FYI: tickets for the warm up and after parties are still available). 

Ezequiel Esley - "Kirone" EP

Red Cup welcomes Argentinian newcomer Ezequiel Esley with his debut record "Kirone". Ezequiel has already received backing from the likes of Mathias Kaden, who referred to his sound as "typical Argentine madness" as well as from the legendary Martin Eyerer. His sound fits in with minimal techno and is dance floor oriented. Check out our favorite tracks from the EP "Blueberry" and "Kirone" below:

Ezequiel Esley - Blue Berry by Lebensfreude
Ezequiel Esley - Kirone by Lebensfreude

Monday, October 10, 2011

Balam Acab mixtape for...Vogue Magazine

Looks like the fashion world has a stylish taste in music too.  We were quite puzzled when we heard Balam Acab had made an exclusive mixtape for the French Vogue Magazine, but this just proves this young producer's work is so otherworldly it can hold up in any context.  Plus we're happy to hear from the Tri Angle crew no matter where their heads pop up.  Click the download link below to grab the mixtape for free:


Stream: Kuedo - "Severant" LP

One of the most intriguing artists in the wider dubstep scene and widely considered as a founding father of the genre, along with former Vex'd band mate Roly Porter (check out our double post with solo work from both), Kuedo is soon releasing his much anticipated debut solo LP "Severant" on Planet μ. You can now stream the entire record, ahead of its release on October 17th, exclusively at the Guardian website here.  After delivering one of our favorite online mixes this year, Kuedo's "Severant" inspired by Vangelis and futwork (the genre which seems to be sweeping the label's roster, including label head Mikes Paradinas aka μ-ziq, off their...feet) is a post-galactapocalyptic masterpiece and looks like it will earn a place in our top albums of 2011.  We highly suggest you head over to the Guardian site for the full deal and an interesting interview or listen to the album sampler below:
Kuedo - 'Severant' Sampler by Planet Mu Records