Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nicolas Jaar - "Always by Your Side" (remix of Sneaky Sound System's "Big"

The last time we heard news from Nicolas Jaar his debut album  "Beats in Space" was being pulled off shelves due to the unauthorized use of a sample on one of the tracks (lucky are those who managed to grab a hold of the now limited original version).  This new track by the New Yorker/Chilean producer, is essentially a remix for Sneaky Sound System's "Big".  It's a stripped back tune with claps, breaths and silence fighting it out in the rhythm section while a guitar lick and a buzzing bass synth set a somber and melodic tone.  The track feels big and spacious yet with a very minimal sound palette, which is exactly what Nicolas does best.  Listen to it below or download it for free here:
Sneaky Sound System - Big (Nicolas Jaar's Always By Your Side Version) by modularpeople

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