Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Librarian - "Blue"

We've always thought that concept albums worked best in the sphere of electronic music.  The latter has the inherent qualities of a vehicle that can develop an abstract idea, emotion or even a color musically but with enough room for the listener to superimpose personal experiences of said idea/emotion/color.  

That's why we were particularly excited when about a year ago, our current label to watch, King Deluxe, asked this question to a variety of electronic music artists: "What do you envision for our future?  Specifically, 989 years from now?".  The answers came in the form of a song, an illustration and a description, zeroing-in on an idea of each artist about what our future holds for us.  The latest installment to the still runnning "The 2999 Project", which like the rest of the compilation can be downloaded for free, is "Blue" by The Librarian aka Andrea Graham, who is also one of the masterminds behind the Canadian Bass Coast festival.  On "Blue" Andrea tries to explain the subtleties of the color through music to a generation that never had the privilege of witnessing it.  The above featured illustration by Lake Hurwitz is quite the companion piece providing a post-galactapocalyptic context to the listening experience.  Listen to "Blue" below:

The Librarian - Blue by King Deluxe

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