Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chemical Brothers - Live at Glastonbury 2011

I'm excited to be contributing my first post to Red Cup today, I thought I'd start off with an absolutely banging live set from the Chemical Brothers at this year's Glastonbury festival. Looks like it was a epic party with some mind blowing visuals, enjoy....

Emika - "Pretend" (live with the Brandt Bauer Frick Ensemble)

One of Red Cup's top artists of 2011, Emika is impossible to pigeonhole into any genre -or any nationality for that matter (she was born in the UK, of Czech origin and lives in Berlin).  She records on the seminal Ninja Tune imprint, yet she has very little in common with her label-mates other than a mutual respect for each others' music (see her remix for Amon Tobin's surge which you can download for free here).  She has a day job over at legendary Native Instruments music software company where she works as a sound designer.  Other notable mentions on her CV include recording found sound samples inside the legendary Berghain club in Berlin, to be used for the Fünf Compilation released on the club's label Ostgut Ton.

Therefore, it came as no great suprise to see Emika change hats once more.  In the video below you can see her dressed up as a diva singing her upcoming single "Pretend" (releasing on September 5th)  to the tune of a myriad classical instruments played by the Brandt Bauer Frick Ensemble:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clams Casino - "Waterfalls" (unofficial video)

If you're still not on the Clams Casino bandwagon then you either don't have an internet connection or you hate massive ethereal soundscapes recalling your childhood memories.  Whatever the reason may be you can catch up with the work of this young talented producer on Red Cup's earlier post regarding his free mixtape here.   

For now you can check out the unofficial (yet approved by the artist) video for "Waterfalls" a track from the "Rainforest EP" his first official release on Tri Angle records.  "Waterfalls" is a syrupy thick shoe-gazy instrumental hip-hop tune, while the video is a kaleidoscopic emoticon animation piece that is surprisingly moving.  Watch and listen below:   

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

M83 - new album trailer

Anthony Gonzalez, french analogue synth wizard known as M83, just released a teaser trailer for his new album (no release date yet). M83's music could best be described as an epic soundtrack to big city skylines and, as this short yet mouth watering trailer shows, he's definitely headed in this direction once more. Red Cup highly recommends you watch this awe inspiring video in preparation for the arrival of M83's new album:

Mount Kimbie - "Carbonated" EP

Red Cup all time favorite post-dubstep duo Mount Kimbie just released an EP featuring and named after one of their debut album stand-out tracks "Carbonated."  Aside from the brilliant title track that needs no introduction, the EP also features two previously unreleased songs in the same vein as the airy and minimal "Carbonated" and three efficient remixesFrom the previously unreleased tracks, you can download "Baves Chords" for free here, or listen to "Flux" below:


Björk - "Crystalline"

Björk has not been one to shy away from experimentation in her musical escapades.  From cave-soul to glitch-folk, she has been exploring, borrowing from and inventing genres ever since she began her carreer as a quirky pop-singer in Iceland.  Red Cup has always been an admirer of her work, but usually from a distance.  With her new single from her upcoming iPad app album "Biophilia", however, we are finally listening up close.  "Crystalline" initially meanders through an eerie bell melody, hesitant electronic percussion and Björk's haunting voice, until the end when the song finally finds release and culminates in one of the most original drum & bass breaks we have heard in a very long time.  Listen below:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Robag Wruhme - "Thora Vukk"

Robag Wruhme's recently released his solo LP "Thora Vukk" on Pampa records, which is quickly becoming a hub for minimal techno with melodic tendencies (see Red Cup's post for label-mate Ada's "At the Gate").  Our pick from Robag Wruhme's new album, is title track "Thora Vukk" which starts things off with resonating metallic minimal percussion, which, as it turns out, only serves as a metronome for the evolving dream-sequence ambient melody that creeps in around the middle of the song.  Listen to the song below (unofficial video by the29nov):

Floating Points - "Sais" (Dub)

Red Cup had spotted this Floating Points classic when it was originally released as an exclusive 10" but for those who didn't catch it in time, "Sais (Dub)" is finally available in digital format as well. This 5 minute broken-beat house affair is out on Eglo Records. Listen Below:

Nick Höppner - "A Peck and a Pawn" EP

Returning for a fourth EP on Berlin's Ostgut Ton Bergain label, Nick Höppner's "A Peck And A Pawn's" is a very unique record with focus on analogue basslines and atmospheric melodies.  Red Cup highly recommends this release.  Listen below: 

Africa HiTech - "Out in the Streets" (VIP)

Red Cup wasn't completely convinced by the buzz surrounding Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek's project on Warp Records, Africa HiTech until this VIP mix of their single "Out in the Streets."  This late 90s jungle throwback anthem, with a post-millenium production sheen, was apparently THE record at this year's Sonar Festival (according to Bleep it wasn't missing from almost anyone's set).  Listen to it below and if you're conviced as well you can order the 12" here.

out in the streets...they call it murda

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bloody Mary - Mix for Wilde Agency

One of Red Cup's top-rated artists Bloody Mary mixes Wilde Agency's June podcast. This French born Berlin-based DJ and Producer expresses her love for German electronic music with influences ranging from minimal to tech house. Check out her new mix available for free download below. 

Bloody Mary for Wilde Agency, Podcast june 2011 by dame-music

Friday, June 24, 2011

Zomby vs. Joker

Today, Red Cup presents a dubstep all-star double bill.  Ok so they're not woking together, but the two 4AD label mates Zomby and Joker both released a track each for free on the same day - is this a new friendly dubstep competition akin to the Skream vs Benga days?  If you ask us, Zomby is the definite winner of this round but take a listen for yourself and make up your own mind:   

Listen to or download Zomby's eerie chiptune inspired "A Devil Lay Here" below from his forthcoming "Dedication" LP coming out on July 11.

Joker's new song is a collaboration with UK MC Buggsy and is currently untitled and unmastered so it's more of a taste of what's to come...and it seems that what's coming is a more mainstream direction for Joker.  You can download it directly here or listen to it below (or go back and listen to his huge collaboration with Jessie Ware on our previous post for the track "The Vision (Breathe In)"):

Jay Haze - "Love=Evolution" (free album download & analysis)

Red Cup  presents Jay Haze's latest album "Love=Evolution", which was released in January 2011 and you can now download for free in its entirety.  Who better to provide an analytical track-by-track description of the album than the artist himself? According to Jay Haze: 

"Love=Evolution was an album where i was dead set on exploring physical territory, social issues, human relationships, universal connection as well as pushing musical boundaries.  I'm going to attempt to give it a play by play with added details.  For you that didn't get it here is a link of the album for free download."

Track-by-track analysis by Jay Haze of his album "Love=Evolution" after the jump or watch the video for the stand out track "I wait for you" below:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stateless - "Ariel"

After a hyped early career with endorsements from the likes of DJ Shadow (including a guest appearance on his last album), a record deal with Sony and an imaginative first album juxtaposing 90s Rock and R&B vocals with modern electronics (way before the lo-fi R&B revival pioneered by How to Dress Well, The Weeknd etc), the promising act Stateless suddenly became label-less.

All that changed when the band found a fitting home, in seminal label NinjaTune one of Red Cup’s long-standing favorites, which after their 20 year anniversary box release seem to be back on form.  

The track “Ariel” is a rather unusual entry for Red Cup but our Greek side couldn’t resist the haunting bouzouki sample (Greek stringed lute-like instrument) which is combined in quite an unorthodox manner with a post-Neptunes beat and Chris James’ signature vocals.  Not to mention the hook is ultra-catchy.  Listen to and watch the flash video for the song below and be sure to check out their new album “Matilda” on Ninja Tune.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold Panda's new track "MPB"

Red Cup favorite (in fact we like to think we were one of his first fans) Gold Panda just released a brand new track which you can listen to or download below for free.  "MPB"  (no one knows what it stands for yet...our guess is Music Production Bear) is a playful xylophone driven tune with a gritty bass line and crisp drums with a sprinkle of Gold Panda's magic.     

MPB by Gold Panda

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SBTRKT - Self Titled LP

The dubstep community has been holding its breath for the release of London producer SBTRKT's (short for subtract) new LP.  The teaser single "Wildfire" featuring indie darling Little Dragon on vocals leaked on the interent a couple of months ago and set expectations high.  Now you can finally stream the entire album below (via the Hypemachine) before its official release on the Young Turks imprint on June 27th.  You'll also notice vocal guest work by Jessie Ware (also featured on Joker's  massive dubstep anthem "The Vision (Breathe in)" posted by Red Cup this month) and Sampha.  You can pre-order the LP here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Essáy - "Morning Mountain"

German newcomer Essáy has come forward with only a few tracks thus far (see his recent free EP on the brand new Cut label) but quality seems to be the common element among all his releases. 

His latest track, “Morning Mountain” is the acoustic equivalent of the promising feeling one only experiences when witnessing dawn’s first light.  Technically, Essáy’s production style is somewhere between Four Tet’s latest work and The Field’s click-loop aesthetic. The track also samples enough elements from the track “Borrowing The Past” by Rhian Sheehan that it essentially qualifies as a remix.  Listen to or download the track directly below:

Morning Mountain by ESSÁY.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flying Lotus remixes Massive Attack

Post-dilla experimental beatmaker and great nephew of the legendary John Coltrane, Flying Lotus posted 13 previously unreleased original tracks and remixes on his Soundcloud page last week.  The prolific artist has been keeping busy since the release of his last LP "Cosmogramma" in 2010 and producing the new Thundercat album "The Golden Age of Apocalypse" 2011.  

Red Cup's pick of the new unreleased material is FlyLo's dubby goo-on-glass sounding remix of Massive Attack's "Love You Girl" which you can download here or listen to below:

Flying Lotus // Massive Attack// vibeangel mix1 by Flyinglotus

Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Cup at the R&S Records Event in Athens (16.06.2011)

Last night Red Cup danced the night away at the 9,84 FM Amphitheatre in Technopolis (Athens, Greece) to the music of the R&S all-star cast on a night dedicated to the legendary label organized by Cloud City X, with the support of Red Bull Academy and Athens International Radio.  
The night felt like an exclusive and cozy affair, with familiar faces representing Athens' various like-minded venues and event planners such as BIOS, Six D.O.G.S and The Meet Market.  This picture of Lone and Pariah having a casual chat outside the amphitheatre before the show is a testament to the relaxed and personal vibe of the night:

Lone and Pariah having a chat before the show
More details regarding the event, including photos and a video coming soon, after the jump.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dame Music Compilation - "Potluck"

Dame-Music (Red Cup favorite Bloody Mary's label) compilation album 'Potluck' will be released on the 22nd of June.  This double vinyl release is a celebration of the label's first year anniversary and serves as a showcase of its output through the featured brand new unreleased tracks produced by five duos on the label's roster. 

Bloody Mary was inspired to gather the Dame-Music family in order to unite their creativity and talent and work together closely on the compilation's music and artwork.  Red Cup highly recommends this unique compilation of new and unreleased tracks with work from SIS, Komaton, Cesare vs Disorder, Timid Boy and more! Listen to the compilation below and a video teaser trailer of the upcoming release after the jump.

Ada - "At the Gate"

On her new record "Meine zarten Pfoten" (German for 'my tender paws') out now on Pampa Records, Cologne, Germany based minimal artist Michaela Dippel aka Ada treads beyond the beaten path of her genre.   

Red Cup stand out tune is "At the Gate," a restless number that sits in an ambiguous territory between melacholy defeatism and glimmers of hope fluttering in and out  the song, expressed so eloquently by the piano chords, as well as the guitar riff introduced late into the track. "At the Gate" never tips all the way on either side of the scale, even at its conclusion, thus dedicating itself entirely to a pensive aural exploration into one of the subtler moments in life.  Listen to the track below and watch the unofficial video for it by the29novFilms.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vladislav Delay - "Latoma" EP

The "Latoma" EP spotted on the Hard Wax site is a dub-techno and experimental masterpiece by Vladislav Delay released on the Echocord label, along with a brilliant supporting remix by Ricardo Villalobos and Max LoderbauerRed Cup highly recommends this EP drenched in Vladislav Delay's classic ominous atmposherics.  Preview the EP below and listen to the Villalobos remix after the jump.

Vladislav Delay - Latoma EP (Preview Mix) by sasuripatti

Junior Boys - "Banana Ripple" (The Field Remix)

Junior Boys' latest single "Banana Ripple" gets a glitchy remix by the master of micro-repetition The Field.  It's an all around uplifting affair, as if The Field  caught the most exhilarating snippets of the original and looped them in a celebratory manner.  The end result is a sound that bridges balearic melodies with a techno production aesthetic.  

Junior Boy's new album "It's All True" is expected to be released in July. Listen to The Field's remix of "Banana Ripple" below:  

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple (Field Remix) by DominoRecordCo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kate Simko - Lights out

Red Cup has long been anticipating Kate Simko's debut album and we are delighted that the brand new record has met our expectations.  Chicago based house/techno producer released "Lights Out" on the label Hello? Repeat, today (14.06.2011) on digital music sites. On her new long player, Kate  weaves her own signature style with her musical roots of Chicago house and Detroit techno. Listen to "Lights Out" below on beatport or an excellent live DJ-set performed and recorded by Kate Simko at Fabric after the jump.

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Rone - "So So So" (music video)

Ewan Castex aka Rone's "So So So" has been on Red Cup's playlist ever since it came out on the brilliant EP of the same name, which you can order from BLEEP on a limited 12" 'marble effect' vinyl release.  The official video for the title-track, which was produced by Studio Funf, is a perfect accompaniment to a song that travels through various moods and emotions.  No spoilers here...enjoy. 

Rone - So So So (official video) from InFine Music on Vimeo.

The EP, which was released on Parisian label In Finé (also home of Apparat and Agoria), is exemplatory of the artists physical move from Paris to Berlin.  For those of you who caught it in time, an excellent live version of the track was featured in the Bleep vs Sonar mp3 give away week. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mossa - "Festine"

Montreal based musician, Mossa takes a new direction with his album "Festine" which was released in March of last year on his own record label Complot.  This is a more jazzy and minimal take on his work, which also includes noteworhty remixes by Mathias Kaden and Mike Shannon. This killer album was recently discovered by Red Cup and is highly recommended for those who want to dance the summer away!

Check out the album streaming below or order it here:

Ellen Allien - "No Sleep Mix in Athens"

After her phenomenal appearance at Six D.O.G.S in Athens (Greece) last April, Ellen Allien posted her unforgettable live dj-set via the Electronic Music Lab.  You can listen to the Berlinette's mix below or download it hereRed Cup  had also caught Ellen on camera playing out her most recent single "The Kiss".  You can watch the youtube video after the jump.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Athens Events: Lone (live) & Pariah (DJ set)

Cloud City X (Black Athena), with the support of Red Bull Academy and Athens International Radio, is organizing a very special event on Thursday 17th of June at the 9,84 FM Amphitheatre in the Technopolis venue in Gazi (Athens, Greece)

It's a night dedicated to the legendary R&S label featuring Red Cup favorites Lone (live set) and Pariah (dj set), as well as Greece's own Petit Bear (dj set).  The Ghent (Belgium) based label has been host to a myriad of legendary electronic artists (Aphex Twin, Joey Beltram etc.) but has also been instrumental in shaping modern electronic music through its recent recruits such as James Blake, Lone and Pariah.

The event is free and open to the public.  See above promo clip for further details.  A map with exact location as well as Red Cup's favorite Lone and Pariah songs are after the jump.

dBridge - "Decayed' and "Rendez Vous"

Red Cup came across this dBridge white label while vinyl shopping in Berlin's Hard Wax record store.  Drum & Bass pionneer and former member of the epic and scene-defining Bad Company, takes a completely different direction on this 12" (both in soundscapes and in bpms) released on his own Exit Records label.  A-Side "Rendez Vous" is a melodic experimental track with a nostalgic tip and a glitchy rhythm section.  However, Red Cup's pick is the B-Side "Decayed", which  has a definite Boards of Canada feel but with a 4/4 spin.  Listen to both tracks below (unfortunately the 12" is sold out).
dBridge - Decayed • Mosaic Vol 1 • by Exit Records UK
dBridge - Rendezvous by Exit Records UK

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disclosure - "I love...that you know"

Red Cup highly recommends the Dislosure brothers' new track "I love...that you know" which is heavily influenced by the faction of UK bass music pionneered by Mt. Kimbie.  It's fizzy, crispy with plenty of whop and heavily treated vocals.  The 7" will be released June 13th on Transparent.  Listen to the infectious tune below or download the mp3 for free via Transparent.

i love...that you know by Disclosure.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ital - Culture Clubs

Ourelectrikcity spotted (via FACT) this 12" gem of a release on the Lovers Rock Us label by Ital (aka Mi Ami aka Sex Worker)"Culture Clubs" is a pitch-drunk, woozy minimal track with elements of Detroit techno and an arpeggio reminiscent of Aphex Twin's early ambient experiments.  Listen to the track from youtube post below or order it from Juno Records

Clams Casino - Instrumentals

You'd be hard pressed to find a better soundtrack to your summer in the city than this set of instrumental tracks by Clams Casino. There is a lot of buzz around this young producer, named after a Rhode Island dish rather than a gambling seashell, whose beats have been rhymed over by the like of Lil B' and Mobb Deep.  However, his ethereal, yet gritty instrumentals deserve a chance to shine lyricless, as they are masterpieces in their own right.  Of particular interest is his random sampling technique (he allegedly types random words into Limewire and samples the first 10 songs that appear from the search result).  Watch out for Clams Casino when he releases his first record on TriAngle in the near future.  Until then this brilliant and absolutely free mixtape (essentially an unsigned full album) will have to do.

Download Clams Casino Instrumental mixtape for free here (you won't regret it).

Youtube post of "I'm God (2 milli instrumental)" one of Ourelectrikcity's favorite Clams Casino instrumentals not featured in the mixtape.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Conforce - LWE 87th Podcast

Ourelectrikcity stumbled across this eclectic mix put together by Dutch artist Boris Bunnik for 'Little White Earbuds' 87th podcast. Under his Conforce monicker this audiovisual artist (the above featured image is from his visual work) explores the deeper side of ambient techno while flirting with shades of electro. 

Listen to or download the mix hereTracklist and youtube post of Conforce track 'Spoiled' after the jump. 

Tip off: Bleep vs. Sonar - Free mp3s

Ourelectrikcity  spotted this generous offer on Warp's Bleep store: for the next 5 days leading up to the Sonar festival, Bleep will be offering 2 free mp3s per day of artists that will be performing in Barcelona.  Don't miss your chance to grab some of the latest and greatest unreleased tracks around free of charge. Today's installment features an unreleased track from no other than...Holy Other's upcoming release.

Get your free mp3s here and don't forget to check in every day for the next week.

Jamie xx - "Far Nearer" and "Beat For"

Jamie xx (the producer and electronics wizard behind the trio The xx), just released "Far Nearer" on vinyl, a steel-drum driven track which has been floating around the web for a while now.  However, it's the B-side "Beat For" which really caught the attention of Ourelectrikcity.  The track combines Detroit influences and burial-esque vocal treatment with that signature xx sound.  You can stream both tracks below and order the 12" from Numbers (free mp3 download upon order).

Jamie xx - Beat For (limited vinyl & download out now - by Numbers

Jamie xx - Far Nearer (limited vinyl & download out now - by Numbers

Friday, June 3, 2011

Joker (feat. Jessie Ware) - The Vision (Breathe In)

4AD is one of Ourelectrikcity's favorite record labels around due to its traditional artists (The Big Pink, Atlas Sound etc) but also because it has an ever increasing roster of dubstep superstars (we're highly anticipating Zomby's new album coming out soon and currenty streaming in its entirety here via the hypemachine).  "The Vision (Breathe In)" is an infectious purple-drenched banger by Joker which features vocal treatment by Jessie Ware.  It's a grower to say the least.  Listen to the 12" version of track below (you can order the whitelabel from bleep) or watch the duo perform live at the boiler room after the jump. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers EP

After a disappointing first album that didn’t quite live up to the hype, Warp artist Hudson Mohawke is back to form with the new “Satin Panthers EP” out this August.  Ourelectrikcity caught an early glimpse of the single “Thunder Bay” at Hudson Mohawke's live performance  at the Astra Kulturhous festival in Berlin (19.05.2011) and has been itching for its release ever since.

Click play to listen to the massive old-school rave throwback tune (streaming from the Warp website).  You can pre-order the EP which is available on all formats from bleep.

More info and live dates after the jump.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Redshape - In Trust We Space EP

Another special release from Redshape – ‘In Trust We Space’ released on his own label 'Present' on 12” limited edition solid white vinyl (only 50 copies available on Delsin records web-shop).  The title track ‘In Trust We Space’ shows a different direction for Redshape's sound bringing a more melodic tone and deeper atmosphere.  Video for the track after the jump

The Weeknd - The Morning (music video)

The Weeknd - The Morning (music video) from High Five Collective on Vimeo.

Many videos for the various tracks from the The Weeknd’s mixtape “House of Balloons” have sprung up all over the web, yet this brand new official video created by High Five Collective for “The Morning” stands out.  As the song title implies, the mood of the song is perfect for an early morning post-clubbing drive.  If only the girls in this video were so lucky.  More info and the link to The Weeknd's free mixtape after the jump.