Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daft Punk - "Drive"

At Red Cup we've made an oath to post any new bit of music emitted from the studio of the robotic duo that needs no introduction...even if it's old but new.  We'd heard for a while now that Scottish techno imprint Soma had gotten it's hands on an old lost demo for a track that Daft Punk had sent to the label as a B-Side to "Rolling and Scratching" in 1994.  The label opted for the now classic "Da Funk" instead and completely forgot about "Drive" until now.  The tracks will be featured on the label's 20th year anniversary compilation which you can pre-order here.  Listen to a preview of the 909 kick-drum led old school techno track below:

Daft Punk - Drive Unreleased 1994 (Preview) by soma

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