Monday, October 17, 2011

Raime - FACT mix

Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, aka Raime, whose lengthily titled EP we posted recently, just delivered an interesting mix for FACT revolving around 93' - 94' era jungle (d&b wasn't even a term back then).  On what could only be described as an influence-based mix from the otherwise techno duo on the Blackest Ever Black roster, Raime demonstrate how Detroit and more recently Berlin, were not the only influence on the modern industrial techno sound.  Early UK-based jungle productions played a huge role on this side of the Atlantic in codifying the urban life into electronic soundscapes.  Despite certain ragga influences that crept in the scene in the 90s, it was the mid-90s that put the concrete back in Jungle.  If you're still puzzled by Raime playing out old school Dillinja and Doc Scott records, listen beyong the breaks and focus on the sub bass, the drone pads and general atmospherics and it will make a lot more sense.  Listen to FACT mix 292 by Raime or download it for free directly at this link.

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