Friday, October 14, 2011

Karin Park - "Tiger Dreams" Music Video and Photek Remix (free download)

It's difficult to listen to Karin Park without a few other Scandinavian divas coming to mind.  She's probably sick of hearing this but Karin Park undoubtedly sounds a lot like Björk (her accent) and Karin Andersson from The Knife (her tone) and has re-imagined herself like Robyn (her move from pop to electronic music)...but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  While Björk seems lost in her own Cosmos, The Knife have all but disappeared and Robyn...well she's still awesome, Karin combines these Norwegian and Swedish influences into a one woman Scandinavian super group, with a focused and confident new sound, which is also largely due to her brother David's production skills.  Listen to the beginning of "Tiger Dreams", before the vocals even kick in, and you'll immediately discover that despite that wobble on the bassline this is not a typical dubstep offering:

We're also very proud to be hosting a stream and free download of a remix by the legendary Photek.  Interestingly the original sounds more like a Photek production than his own remix which takes "Tiger Dreams" into more melodic dubstep territory.  You can buy the complete package here
Karin Park Tiger Dreams Photek Radio Edit - Free Download by aRedCup

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