Friday, July 27, 2012

Listen: Actress - "Shock Therapy 101"

Actress dropped a new tune via his twitter account. The track entitled “Shock Therapy 101″ has a more upbeat vibe to it than anything we heard on his 2012 LP R.I.P.  The beat driven track slowly and minimally builds up until the snyths hit and lead us out with the precision timing that the producer has become known for.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NSYNC - "Bye Bye Bye" (Balam Acab Remix)

There's no doubt that Balam Acab is on a strange tip right now...just listen to one of his recent track entitled "Ass Pop".  As if this wasn't perplexing enough, the young Alec Koone has dared to remix NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye".  Has Balam Acab lost his way or is he paving a new road? Let us know what you think,  Download or listen to the track below:


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video: Jacques Greene – “Ready”

Producer JacquesGreene's drops the video for "Ready" the title track from his new EP on Martyn's 3024 label. From early releases with LuckyMe and Night Slugs via high profile remixes and on to the recent formation of his own Vase imprint the Montreal native has been at the front of his home town's rapidly snowballing acclaim as a creative incubator of unusual quality, fusing R&B's raw emoting to House and Techno's sleek propulsion. The Ready EP is a further refinement of the sound he's made his own, taking it further than ever before but always balancing aerodynamic efficiency with the unusually organic emotion. The video its self seems to be a world of miniatures although this could just be trick camera work, whatever the case both the tune and visuals are top notch.

Listen: Rustie – “After Light” Remix (Feat. AlunaGeorge)

Rustie saw his Glass Swords standout “After Light” reach new levels of popularity when sporting company Adidas used it in a commercial for the London Olympics and today its star grows even more courtesy of London pop duo AlunaGeorge. Singer Aluna Francis, provides some vocals and turns “After Light” into a sing-along jam for the remaining summer months. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Listen: SBTRKT – “Gloss”

Back in May we shared something new from UK dub artist SBTRKT, the tune was reported to be part of a forthcoming ep and today we have yet another new tune in the form of “Gloss.” I can’t say with certainty that this tune will be official released as part of the ep but it doesn’t really matter, what does is we got new music from the man and you can hear it now below….

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preview: Shed - The Killer LP

After his remarkable work on Ostgut Ton for his second album "Shedding The Past", the evermorphing Rene Pawlowitz finds a fitting second home on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label with his new LP "The Killer" which remains in the ambient techno side of his work but introduces a dubstep side for this LP. Preview this much anticipated LP below which will be releasing on the 27th of July: 
Shed "The Killer" (50WEAPONSCD/LP08) - Out on July 27 by Modeselektor

Friday, July 20, 2012

Listen: James Pants - "Hotel Collection EP"

Stones Throw beat scientist JamesPants delivers a 10-track instrumental ep to share on this overcast Friday in NY. James describes the project as  “A 7-star collection for business travelers, high flyers, and power-movers.” Check it in its entirety below…..

Download: Evian Christ - "FYTS"

Evian Christ was an elusive producer early this year until he was picked up by Tri Angle Records and quickly thrusted into the limelight due to his original take on the then sound-of-the-moment i.e. footwork combined with  cavernous atmospherics and clashing hip-hop vocal samples. As is evidenced by this track he just posted on twitter, as well as his recent mix for Dummy which you can listen to here, Evian has since shifted his focus to more lo-fi ambient textures and more experimental rhythms.  A welcome proof of the versatility of his production capabilities.  Download "FYTS" here.

Listen: Prefuse 73 – “Aninha”

Piano Overlord, aka Prefuse 73,  dropped a tune by the name of  "Aninha" recently. The single officially appears on Aninha Mission, a collection of tracks recorded back in 2004 that never saw the light of day, that is now available via Chocolate Industries. They say good things come with age, what do you think?

Blood Diamonds - Phone Sex EP

The Phone Sex EP comes from the Vancouver based balearic influenced producer Blood Diamonds on 4AD (further proof of the versatility of the label's roster which also includes artists such as Zomby, Grimes and The Big Pink). The EP is the audio equivalent of Jeff Koons kitsch and features two original tracks which you can stream below. The title track is perhaps THE balearic track of the summer with a catchy and audacious chorus featuring labelmate Grimes pleading "please daddy take me home".  The production is as colorful and shiny as the cover art (by Elite Gymnastics) with steel drums and major chords abound. "Ritual" is a slightly more abstract number in terms of lyrics yet the melodies equally poppy and uplifiting. (we think Grimes's voice is also present here in a chopped and processed form). The remixes of "Phone Sex" by Unicorn Kid and Jensen Sportag are also worth a listen in their own right.All in all a unique package...and packaging (the vinyl comes in bright pink), which is available in Europe already and will be out in the states on the 24th of July.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch: The Field - Comenius Garden (Music Video)

Adult Swim, the adult cartoon channel, loves giving away free music and not the sucky kind.  The Field's "Comenius Garden" is part of their 2012 singles program and is yet another impressive freebie that you can download directly from their site.  After the impressive Looping State of Mind LP, it's goo to hear the master of the short loop is still on form.  Listen to "Comenius Garden" or watch the video below:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Other - "Held"

The man behind our favorite record (even though it was 'only' an EP) from last year, Holy Other has revealed yet another track from his forthcoming album Held releasing in late August on Tri Angle Records.  Last time it was the brilliant "Love Some1", this time it's the title track itself. The Holy Other formula is intact on this track, if not at its peak...let's just say that our suspicions that this album will also be our favorite of 2012 are coming true. Listen to "Held" below:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vii - "Cynthia" (Demo)

Vii, a Red Cup contributor, is the first to offer up a song for our label in the making Rec'd Up. "Cynthia", a bass driven tech-house track, is the first song she has ever produced and will be featured on Rec'd Up 001.  You can stream the entire track below in an early demo version in which you can hear her influences range from Berlin to Athens.

Sei A - You Can Bring EP

Sei A delivers yet another brilliant release on Simple Records in the from of the You Can Bring EP, which also features a remix by Alex Boman.  You can listen to the title track in its entirety below, which sounds like a mix between's Four Tet's organic techno shuffle and the minimalist bass music that's been all the rage recently.

Update: UNKLE - UNKLE Sounds Vol. 1 and The End Pt. 1 (Mix)

We're loyal UNKLE fans here at Red Cup and remain excited to this day to listen to what James Lavelle and his ever-shuffling collaborators will come up with next.  In the wait for a new album, that we've heard is on the way, we've been enjoying the many reworks of tracks off Where did the Night Fall and the Eps that followed. UNKLE Sounds Vol. 1 is yet another selection of remixes  of those tracks that we're played out by Lavelle during his UNKLE Sound audio/visual sets.  You can listen to the entire set of tracks below or buy it here exclusively from Beatport.  You should also check out the amazing mix "The End Pt. 1" which features some of these tracks and more (including a great Daft Punk acapella moment) by the man himself which you can stream or download below as well:

James Lavelle Presents UNKLE Sounds - The End Pt. 1 by UNKLE

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preview: Petre Inspirescu - "Un Livret De Duminica" EP

In control of both his music and graphic art, Romanian artist Petre Inspirescu delivers an impressive vinyl-only debut EP entitled "Un Livret De Duminica". After a succesful series of podcasts, Petre puts on his producer hat resulting in a funky techno minimal sound that is especially succeful on the title track, that also features an interesting melodic underbelly.  The more abstract B-side with its bubbles and snaps shouldn't be overlooked either. Preview this limited edition vinyl below:
[PNR001] Petre Inspirescu - Un Livret de Duminica by Pluie/Noir

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tri Angle Bi Post no. 6 - Vessel announces new album and Evian Christ releases "King and Them" on vinyl

Welcome to our 6th installment of Tri Angle Records news couplings (check out our previous one here).  This time around we're happy to reveal two album releases (one brand new and one first time physical release) from two of the label's most recent signings.

First off we're talking about Vessel's LP entitled "Order of Noise" to release this September.  According to the imprint "trying to pin down Vessel’s constantly evolving sound has never been an easy task".  This not only applies from track to track, but within a track itself.  Listen to album track "Court of Lions" below as it meanders from an intro that sounds like a typewriter having a go at ping pong to a techno second act only to end up in electro/ambient crossover territory.

Speaking of Lions check out the cover for Evian Christ's "King's and Them" which is finally available on vinyl from all good record stores including this one.  On our fourth Tri Angle Bi Post we talked about how excited we were about Evian joining the roster and even posted the link to all the tracks of the album for download.  Listen to "MYD" one of our favorite tracks on the album below:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Argy & Alex Picone - "Eternal Moment" EP

Greek producer Argy returns on to the Memento Label, this time along with Alex Picone collaborating on "Eternal Moment", a dreamy acid influenced techno release - the title track even reminds us of early Moby. "This Is How It Goes" on the B side is an edgy tech-house track that delivers on the strong suits of each artist. Preview the EP below:
Argy & Alex Picone - Eternal Moment EP by Memento Records

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Juicy J - "Cash [Interlude]" (Balam Acab Remix)

Balam Acab's remix of Juicy J's interlude track "Cash" serves as further evidence of a sonic departure for Alex Koone.While the vast majority of his previous work feature that signature muffled underwater production sheen, Cash and Ass Pop, both in title and in sound, point toward a more in your face sound directly influenced by a hip-hop aesthetic.  You can listen to or download "Cash" below: