Sunday, March 25, 2012

Violetness - "The Coal" (Sun Glitters Remix)

More ethereal remix work from the master of bliss from Luxembourg.  On this make over of Violetness' "The Coal" Sun Glitters offers up one of his brighter and most atmospheric pieces yet written in that 'summery' scale many of us are familiar with. Not to be missed, especially now that springtime is kicking in in full force....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Download: Mike Paradinas - 3am Surfing Mix

Planet μ labelhead and electronic music legend Mike Paradinas (aka μ-ziq) has been going on a footwork binge (check out a recent mix of his with some of the best tracks we've heard from that genre here) for quite some time now, yet he nor his label were never a one stop shop.  Listen to or download this diverse mix dipping into a more melodic and atmospheric side of electronic music with plenty of retro-futurism, arpeggios and big synth hooks a la Kuedo...ok most of the beats are footwork influenced but that's a good thing. There's a really cool Depeche Mode "Enjoy the Silence" remix in there too.

Download: Photek - "No Agenda"

A few hours ago we brought you a full stream of Photek's installment to the DJ-Kicks series.  Now you can listen to or download one of his own tracks featured on the mix entitled "No Agenda".  Yet another testament to his diverse abilities, the track is in a slow 4/4 tempo and sits somewhere between techno and trance without ever really tipping fully into one genre. Enjoy...
PHOTEK : No Agenda : Free Download! [From Photek DJ Kicks Comp] by Photek

Lone - Galaxy Gardens LP trailer (video)

Check out this mouth watering trailer of Lone's upcoming Galaxy Gardens LP on R&S Records below.  You can hear snippets of tracks off the album releasing on the 5th of July and enjoy the visuals that are an animated version of the organic neon fantasy textures that make up the album cover.  You also head here to listen to "Crystal Cavern 1991" the lead single off that album.

Red Cup Endorsement #14

Stream: Photek – DJ-Kicks

We've long been fans of Photek's ever-morphing music production sensibilities. Throughout the years, transitioning from Drum & Bass to tech-house to dubstep, the talented veteran has also progressed into an eclectic DJ with diverse sets.  His contribution to the DJ-Kicks series, which you can stream below in its entirety, is a testament to both his productions skills (it features 6 of his own tracks) and his DJing abilities.  The mix also includes such Red Cup favorites as Pinch, Sepalcure and and Synkro.
DJ-Kicks mixed by Photek by Mixmag

Phon.o - Black Boulder LP

Wo.w....Phon.o has to be one of the most criminally underrated bass/post-dubstep/whatever-you-wanna-call it producers right now.  After the incredible double track Abaw 723 EP on the Monkeytown offshoot label 50 Weapons, Phon.o will be releasing on LP on the same label entitled Black Boulder.  Listen to three tracks from the LP below, including the title track and you're bound to get hooked.  These tracks exhibit pristine production and a techno aesthetic yet they also have an extremely catchy element that is usually not present in similar endeavors.  We highly recommend you keep this on your radar...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clark - "Nordic Wilt" (Monkeytown 027)

In a surprise Soundcloud post revelation, Monkeytown, the label belonging to none other than the duo Modeselektor, announced that Clark's "Nordic Wilt" will be released on the imprint on June 29th.  The image for the track (spoiler alert) looks the cover artwork for ModeselektionVol. 2.  We still haven't understood if the track will get a separate release on the label, but we think it will just feature on the compilation seeing as Clark is a long-time Warp artist.  That being said "Nordic Wilt" has yet to see an official release despite many live edits circulating on the internet.  For more on Clark's upcoming LP Iradelphic check out our relevant post.  Listen to the massive "Nordic Wilt" below:
Clark "Nordic Wilt" (MONKEYTOWN027) Out June 29 by Modeselektor

Martyn - Hello Darkness EP

After the massive Ghost People, his sophomore long player that was in our top records of last year, Martyn returns with non-LP track led EP entitled "Hello Darkness" on the Brainfeeder imprint.  Martyn is a renowned digital alchemist which is evident once more on the title track's techno meets dub meets rave sound palette.  The EP also features remixes of tracks off the Ghost People LP by the likes of another Red Cup favorite Redshape (this isn't the first time they collaborate) and L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok.  Stream the radio edit of "Hello Darkness" below or order the EP here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tri Angle Bi Post No. 5 - Howse joins the roster and new Clams Casino Instrumentals

Today's Tri Angle Bi Post (check out our previous one here) is particularly exciting due to the fact that it features a new signing and more instrumentals from our second favorite artist on the label (can you guess our favorite?)

First off we're happy to announce another mysterious and talented producer(s) to join the imprint.  The artist who goes by the name of Howse will be releasing the debut EP Lay Hollow on the 28th of this month across all formats.  You can listen to or download an EP track below entitled "VBS" which sounds like lo-fi porn-house meets footwork.  Exciting stuff.

Next up is Clams Casino whose Instrumentals LP is now supplemented by two new instrumental tracks that didn't make the cut in time. "Swervin" (initially the beat for XV's mixtape Zero Heroes), the better of the two, can be listened to or downloaded through Onomatopoeia while the second "Moons and Stars" (the remix beat to Big K.R.I.T.S. track with the same name) can be downloaded through here. Update - check out this MASSIVE remix of Florence + the Machine's "Never Let Me Go" over at Onomatopoeia as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Agony Forces - "Polar Era"

Polar Era finally returns after their first release "The Noir Age" on the Lycaon label owned by Agony Forces. Preview this impressive techno release below:
A1 - Polar Era by AgonyForces
A2 - Vertebra by AgonyForces
B1 - Polar Era (Ancient Methods remix) by AgonyForces
Digi-Bonus - Atom Vanguard by AgonyForces

Architectural - "Peacetime"

Released on Semantica records by Architectural, "Peacetime" is a Berlin influenced driven techno release infused with as much dark atmospherics as dance floor potential. Preview the EP below: 
Architectural - Peacetime. SEMANTICA 40 by Semantica Records

Developer - "Trade Beliefs" EP

Developer returns with the "Trade Beliefs" EP released on Semantica Records.  The LA based producer and Modularz label head is know for his industrial techno sound with glimpses of melody rearing their heads in unexpected places. Preview the EP below:
Developer - Trade Beliefs. SEMANTICA 39 by Semantica Records

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Download: Balam Acab - "Come True" and "Just Say"

In more Balam Acab news (check out last week's remix), the man behind one of our favorite albums on our favorite record label from 2012 just tweeted the download links to two unreleased tracks.  More drowned R&B diva vocals  and underwater haunted ghost-hop for your perusal. You can download "Come True" here and "Just Say" here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Clark - "Secret" (ft. Martina Topley-Bird)

"Secret" is the third track to surface from Clark's forthcoming Iradelphic LP (check out "Com Touch" and "The Pining Pt2" as well).  As we had previously reported, Clark has collaborated on certain tracks with label mate Bibio - something that is definitely evident on the guitars and general vintage atmosphere of "Secret".  Loving the contrast between Clark's characteristic heavy percussion and the lightness of Martina Topley-Bird's voice and Bibio's(?) guitars.

SBTRK - "Surely"

SBTRKT's "Surely" was available as a bonus track on a separate 7" released only with the limited edition of the masked producer's self-titled debut LP and is NOT a new single as many other sites have mistakenly announced.  For those that didn't manage to get a hold of it you can finally listen to it below in all its massive glory:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Listen: K.P. & Envyi – Shorty Swing My Way (BALAM ACAB Remix)

Balam Acab tweeted a mysterious mediafire link last night which led fans to this….  K.P. & Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way” was a big R&B jam for the ladies back in 98.  Balam Acab put his twist on things by slowing down the vocals and beat giving the tune a drugged out vibe.  

Video: Keep Shelly in Athens – “Our Own Dream”

Keep Shelly In Athens released a video for “Our Own Dream” The clip was directed by Thanasis Tsimpinis, who got a little help from clothing label Tommy Hilfiger, to produce what you see below. Look for a very special limited repress of Keep Shelly in Athens‘ first two EPs, In Love With Dusk + Our Own Dream, soon on Forest Family Records.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream from Thanasis Tsimpinis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Δkkord - "Δkkord001" EP

The secretive duo Δkkord from the outskirts of Manchester just released their debut EP Akkord001 and it is already being described as a mix between Burial and dBridge.  Intrigued?
Preview the EP below and watch as your compulsive consumer side kicks in.   Their passion for art and design, minimalist aesthetics and mathematics shines through in their music and visual style.  The 12" is releasing in a limited white edition with a hand stamped sleeve and sticker. Check out Δkkord below:
Δkkord.001 by Δkkord

Star & Deutschmann - "You Torn" EP

Holgi Star & Pierre Deutschmann unite once again following their huge debut for the "My Way or Highway" EP this time for the massive 3 tracks tech-house "You Torn" EP.  Out now on K:lender Vinyled, you can can stream 2 for the tracks below:
Star & Deutschmann - You Torn [KLV001] (vinyl&digital) // A1 by Pierre Deutschmann
Star & Deutschmann - Barely Beagle [KLV001] (vinyl&digital) // B1 by Pierre Deutschmann

Macromism - "Ronan Point" EP

Released on Dubfire's SCI+TEC label, Macronism deliver their debut release with a driving techno EP. destined for dancefloor greatness.  Already featured on sets by the likes of Carlo Lio, Pig & Dan, Monika Kruse, Joris Voorn not mention a few.  Preview this likely summer hit below:
Macromism - Ronan Point Ep (SCI+TEC) by

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rustie feat. Nightwave - "Surph" (Single Version)

We've already written extensively about "Surph", our favorite track on Rustie's debut LP Glass Swords, yet the single release has received some tweaking that brings Nightwave's voice out of autotune obscurity and into the limelight resulting in a poppier but also more organic vibe.  Listen to the new version of "Surph" below:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Burial and Four Tet - "Nova"

Two of our favorite artists join forces once more for yet another collaborative effort that is amazingly even better than the sum of its parts.  After such brilliant tracks as "Moth" and "Ego" (the latter also featuring Thom Yorke), Burial and Four Tet fuse their unique signature sounds on "Nova" which you can stream below.  Hoping for a 12" release soon, probably on Four Tet's Text imprint.
Burial + Four Tet - Nova by Four Tet

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dark Sky - "Totem"

We immediately fell in love with this catchy lil' bass number by Dark Sky to be included on their Black Rainbows EP out on March 26th on Black Acre Records.  "Totem" is a shuffly track with infectious synth stabs and bassline bouncing off each other throughout the duration of the song.  Listen to it below:
Dark Sky - Totem by Black Acre Records

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cassegrain - "Coptic" EP

Cassegrain just released their second EP entitiled "Coptic" on Prologue records. The duo consisting of Alex and Hüseyin work as a team, influencing eachother with experimental and industrial techno resulting in a unique sound of their own. Don't miss out on the "Coptic" EP, which you can preview below:
PRG025 - Cassegrain - Coptic EP by Prologue