Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watch: Martyn - "Viper" music video

While we enjoyed the first single "Masks" from Martyn's forthcoming Ghost People album releasing on Brainfeeder on October 10th, it was B-side "Viper" that really caught our ear.  The snarly and unashamedly digital bassline of this venomous track conjured visuals of a robotic serpent slithering through the lab where it was created and causing havoc along the way.  While this video is far from that, it is an amazing interpretation of this track adding another visual dimension to "Viper".  Architecture and geometry have always been an important inspiration to Martyn's work, and there's plenty of both in Glascovian director and digital artist Konx-om-Pax's (aka Tom Scholefield) music video.   Watch below as a lone color-spewing spacecraft travels through mounds of imaginatively rendered texture and shapes (see if you notice the Portal influences too):

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