Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purity Ring - "Belispeak"

We've been fans of Corin and Megan's work since the beginning...we love all three of their tracks.  Although the Canadian duo are about as prolific as they are promiscuous (get it?), they have accomplished a rare hat trick. Due to being willingly stranded on a beach for a couple of days we weren't able to post this new Purity Ring track as soon as it came out, but we did want to make sure you didn't miss out on these 3 minutes of ghost-pop electronic bliss.  On "Belispeak" the still mysterious duo manage to succesfully combine everything that is buzz-worthy in underground electonic music these days: a swedish balearic vocal tinge underpinned by Tri Angle-esque atmosphere and a post-dubstep shuffle.  The track is available on a split 7" with Braids releasing on Fat Possum Records.  Listen to "Belispeak" below or check out their previous track "Lofticries" on our Summer Mix Vol. 1:

Belispeak by PURITY RING

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