Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zomby - "Labyrinth"

A while back we did a post that put Zomby's latest release at that time up against one of label mate Joker's - the conclusion we made then applies to how we view the two men's albums now.  While Joker has moved from toying with mainstream ideas to defining what mainstream dubstep sounds like (Tiesto even remixed one of his tracks), Zomby is digging deeper underground, finding inspiration in the roots of the genre.  On November 28th Zomby will be releasing on EP on 4AD of tracks previously available on a Japanese only version of his brilliant "Dedication" LP (we weren't aware that was still going on!).  The EP is entitled "Nothing" and will also be available as white vinyl in a white sleeve.  You can steam "Labyrinth" a track from the elusive and masked Zomby's upcoming EP below. The tune is a throwback to sirens, breaks and that "special request..." sample we all know and love.  Listen to some of Nothing from  Noone below:

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