Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Download: Boards of Canada mix by DJ Food

If you're anything likes us than your probably really really miss Boards of Canada.  The hordes of immitators, as well as an entire generation inspired by their music (see nearly all the lo-fi electronic scene, witch-house, ghost-hop etc) just doesn't seem to cut it.  While the appearance of new BoC material is long overdue, rumors are growing that an album is on the way, based on the appearance of a grey empty icon amidst the duo's discography on their official website (this apparently also happened sometime before their last release the "Trans Canada Highway" EP). 

Given this painfull drought, Ninja Tune artist DJ Food's (Strictly Kev) mix of tracks from their Geodaddi album might have been missed by some but shouldn't be overlooked.  According to Kev "Ten 3" CDs were made in hexagonal foldout covers with printed and sticker insides. BoC were given 4, Warp were given 4, Kev has 2."  The mix serves as a reminder (hopefully to the band themselves too!) of the relevance, timelessness and, yes, genius, of the duo's music. Listen to or download Sometime In The Future by DJ Food below.  Here's hoping that we'll hear some new BoC material 'sometime in the future' too.


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