Thursday, December 29, 2011

Listen: SBTRKT – “Ride To Freedom”

SBTRKT is about to drop his next single for “Hold On,” off of his 2011 debut album, the b-side to the release is the jittery, 8-bit “Ride To Freedom” available to listen to below….

sbtrkt - ride to freedom by sbtrkt

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Boundaries - "Modular Pursuits Remixes"

Modular Pursuits, released as a vinyl only synth project in 2010, receives a stellar rework by Daphni aka Caribou on this limited copy repress. Daphni takes "No Boundaries" to another level by reshaping the track according to his own unique sound palette. Listen below to this funky tech house release:
No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits (Daphni Remixes) by planetedetroit

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Download: Rihanna - "We Found Love" (Star Slinger Refix)

After yesterday's Mount Kimbie remix the generous Star Slinger, pulls out yet another treat from his seemingly bottomless gift back. This time it's Rihanna's "We Found Love" that gets refixed and the results are astonishing.  As expected the vocal gets chopped up and the beat is in the red.  Listen to or download below:   
Rihanna - We Found Love (Star Slinger Refix) by Star Slinger

Friday, December 23, 2011

Download: Mount Kimbie - "Before I Move Off" (Star Slinger Refix)

Leaving no stone unturned, Brit beatmaker Star Slinger offers up yet another bootleg refix (check out his recent refix for Drake's "Over My Dead Body" here) just in time for Christmas.  Star Slinger applies his characteristic vaccum pumped, ultra-compressed beats all over Mount Kimbie's "Before I Move Off" from their brilliant Crooks & Lovers LP.  Listen to or download the track below:

Preview: Lowtec - "Coldred" EP

Lowtec returns with his second release on Nonplus Records further developing his signature Berlin tech-house sound tailored for the dance floor.  On A-side "Coldred", Lowtec uses a sustained female vocal and bubbly synths layered over a degraded beat with impressive results.   This head turner will surely prick your ears and lift your spirit. Preview below:
NONPLUS 017-LOWTEC-A-Coldred-(Clip) by Nonplus Records

Preview: Phidias - "Latina" EP

Released on the small label Fauxpas Musik in Hamburg, Phidias (a monicker referring to the ancient Greek sculptor/architect) releases the "Latina" EP pressed on limited clear vinyl. This three track 12" with early morning techno vibes is littered with sensational beats and ambient melodies. Preview this prisitine EP below:
Fauxpas 007 - Phidias - Latina EP by Fauxpas Musik

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preview: Redlight - Get Out My Head (Joker Remix)

Joker is back with a vengeance on this killer remix of Redlight's new single "Get Out of My Head".  The track is reminiscent of Joker's approach one of our favorite of his tracks, the purple dubstep anthem "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)" (watch the video of that track here).  Preview this bound to be massive tune below:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Django Django - "Default" (Walls Remix)

The Walls album "Coracle" is one of our favorite of this year and the duo has been on our radar ever since.  Following on that success, this ambient techno remix of Django Django's "Default" is aurally exciting stuff.  Listen to it here.

Machinedrum - "U Don't Survive (SBTRKT edit)"

Machinedrum consists of one half of Red Cup favorite project of this year: Sepalcure. Machinedrum track "U Don't Survive" has been reworked by the man behind another favorite record of this year: SBTRKT. Needless to say the results sounds as good as they....sound. Listen below:
machinedrum - u dont survive (sbtrkt edit) by sbtrkt

Friday, December 16, 2011

Four Tet - "Moma"

In more Four Tet news, Kieran Hebden has a new track entitled "Moma" that is featured on the "We are the Works in Progress" compilation whose proceeds are going toward the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and Architecture for Humanity. A quality track for a good cause then.  On "Moma" Four Tet goes for a the tenori-on  dreamy ambient techno sound he developed on his"Ringer" EP.  Listen to the track below:
Four Tet - Moma by Four Tet

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Listen: Four Tet - Rinse FM Podcast

Four Tet recently dropped in on London's Rinse FM and played a two hour mix for the audience, you can head on over here to listen to the entire thing if you didn’t catch it the first time around  and you should cause you will be better for it!

Kimono - "Obey Time" (Sasha Carassi Remix)

With major support among his peers, Sasha Carassi remixes "Obey Time" on the EP of the same title released on International Sound Laboratory.  This is a solid dance floor track with a heavy bassline and minimalistic atmospheric sounds.  Listen to a track of this wicked EP below:
Kimono - Obey Time (Sasha Carassi Remix) [International Sound Laboratory] by Sasha Carassi

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red Cup Endorsement #7

Listen: b£b£ Tune$’ -“Inhale c-4 $$$$$” Mixtape

Something different today from b£b£ Tune$’ (James Ferraro’s new sideproject.) Mixtape inhale c-4 $$$$$ is packed with 80’s synths, samples, bleeps & bloops, bouncing rhythms and auto tune, all like you have never heard before. Stream "MADNE$$" below and if you like what you hear hit the link to download the full 14 track mixtape

Preview: Burial - "Ashtray Wasp" (unreleased)

Listen to this sneak preview of an unreleased Burial song entitled "Ashtray Wasp" ripped from a world exclusive premiere on Rinse FM. Ok so it's not the full 8 minutes of the track, which should be seeing the light of day on Hyperdub sometime in the near future, but any Burial news is big news here at Red Cup.  The song is along the same lines as his previous EP which is a good omen of things to come. Listen below:

Stream: Aeroc - R+B=? LP

There was a time when finding a decent chill electronic album was as easy as walking into any European commercial music store and picking one of the establishment's top ten CDs.  Since the early 00s it's gotten increasingly more difficult to find a long player with a chill aesthetic, pristine production and good songs from beginning to end.  Aeroc's "R+B=?" LP out today on Ghostly International has accomplished just that.  With a minimal and sometimes organic sound palette, rhythms ranging from hip-hop to techno and the elegant addition of guitar, Aeroc combines many influences to forge a sound that builds on the chill of the early 00s, the melodies of Morr Music, Berlin techno and French minimal.  Sit back, relax and stream the entire album below:
Aeroc - R+B=? by ghostly

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tri Angle Bi Post No. 3 - New remixes of two Holy Other tracks

The Bleep exclusive tee
As you may or may not know, we have a little tradition going here at Red Cup of posting two TriAngle releases together. We like to call this (almost) feature Tri Angle Bi Post (check out the first and second ones too). It seems that while a TriAngle has three sides the label's good news usually come in two.  This time the good news came in the form of a Bleep exclusive digital compilation (check out the exclusive tee shirt too) of the online shop's favorite tracks from the label's roster plus exclusive remixes of two Holy Other tracks.

First up is the label's latest signing The Haxan Cloak and his remix of Holy Other's "Feel Something" off the "With U" EP.  The remix is multifaceted and changes direction a number of times starting off in ominous territory and then back to eerie minimalism.  Listen to it below:
Holy Other - Feel Something (The Haxan Cloak Remix) by TriAngleRecords

Next up is Andy Stott's remix of Holy Other's "Know Where".  Here the sound of the original is further degraded with a resulting cheap sampler/dusty organic cavern feel.  The rhythm is driven and hypnotic, the sort of primal techno Andy Stott is know for. Listen to it below:
Holy Other - Know Where (Andy Stott Remix) by TriAngleRecords

Friday, December 9, 2011

Red Cup Endorsement #6

Listen: Ayshay – “FACT mix 307”

Ayshay is the recording alias of Fatima Al Qadiri. Based in New York, but born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait. Her debut EP Warn-U was released on Tri Angle records recently and was Inspired by Sunni and Shiite Muslim worship songs, Warn-U is built 100% from Al Qadiri’s own voice, re-pitched and manipulated to mimic everything from century-old ghosts to Autotune chart pop.
FACT mix 307 is subtitled Ayshay’s ‘Surrender’ mix, and is dedicated to the Fade to Mind crew (Kingdom, Mike Q, etc), Dave Quam, Azizaman and DJ Rashad and Spinn’s Ghettoteknitianz clique and a pretty unique mix.

FACT mix 307 – Ayshay

Video: Charli XCX - "Nuclear Seasons" (Balam Acab Remix)

Balam Acab works his magic on one of 2011’s darker pop gems, “Nuclear Seasons,” from London’s 19 year old, Charli XCX.

Dowload: Little Dragon - "Crystalfilm" (Close remix)

Head over to the website of the currently anonymoys collaborative project Close and listen to the posted tracks to get a sense of just how huge this is going to be.  We're looking forward to hearing more, especially since we read that Scuba is involved in this.  Until then you can listen to our download their excellent remix of Little Dragon's "Crystalfilm" below:

Download: Peaking Lights - Amazing and Wonderful (Cadenza Remix)

The Cadenza remix of Peaking Lights' "Amazing and Wonderful"hits all the right chords, turning the original into a dubby and exotic celebration of the potential of electronic music.  The whole affair is grounded in dubstep with a witchy twist.  We love how the beat kicks in with a Rick Ross characteristic 'ha!' ad lib. Listen below:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video: Meet Jamie XX

The Creators Project put together a 6 plus minute video feature on Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx, one third of The xx and a prolific remixer and producer whose work spans a diverse range of musical styles.

He’s had some high profile collaborations that have brought The xx’s signature industrial sounds, hollow bass whisperings and clapping beats to a wide range of performers, from the Grammy-nominated pop of Adele, to the indie gloom of Radiohead, the orchestral sounds of Florence + the Machine and the introspective musings of Gil Scott-Heron‘s last studio album I’m New Here—remixing each into electronically-haunted melodies layered atop laid back, clubby percussions.

With a new album from The xx on the way, Smith reflects on his teenage years raving at Mass in Brixton, why it’s best not to over analyse why you like a certain track and the myriad musical influences that informed his own unique audio style, ranging from jazz, soul, hip-hop, drum n’ bass, disco and electronic music. He also talks about the importance of live performance and his ambition to develop an electronic instrument that leaves room for the human.

While The xx’s new material was informed by their partying, when it comes to making the beats, Smith likes to keep it simple using Logic, Space Echo, preamps, and the occasional CASIO to give the band their emotive, electronically-soaked sound. Watch the video profile above to hear more about the humble music mastermind’s creative process.

Download: Skream and Benga - Split EP

Skream and Benga, the dubstep media darlings, who along with Artwork, took the genre to mainstream levels with their collaborative project Magnetic Man, are taking their sound back underground with a new 5 track split EP that will be available for free download at later on today.  Until then listen to Skream's massive "Phat Head" below or download it for free in exchange for you e-mail address:

VCMG – "Spock" (Regis Remix)

Last week a side-project made up of Depeche Mode founding members Martin Gore and Vince Clarke (also of Erasure) entitled VCMG was announced (listen to the "Spock" EP title track here).  What really got us excited though was this FACT exclusive remix of "Spock" by Regis, which you can listen to below.  Regis is known for deep atmospherics and a primal techno sound, yet on this remix there's a lot more going on in the field of melody too:
VCMG - Spock (Regis Remix) [FACT Exclusive] by Mute UK

Red Cup Endorsement #5

Monday, December 5, 2011

Donor - "Ends Meet" EP

Released on Prosthetic Recordings with Silent Servant and Forward Strategy Group contributing high-calibre remixes, Donor's new "Ends Meet" EP is a quality underground dancefloor record that meets the expectations we have from the talented producers involved:
[PP033] Donor - Ends Meet by Donor

Friday, December 2, 2011

Download: YADi - "Sahara Heart" (Dam Mantle remix 320)

Glasgow based Dam Mantle reworks YADi track "Sahara Heart" into an epically cavernous post-dubstep that is as poppy as it is experimental.  A very interesting listen from this young producer whose work has been on our radar since we first heard one if his earliest tracks "Rebong".  Listen to or download for free "Sahara Heart" (Dam Mantle remix 320) below:

Watch: Falty DL - "My Light, My Love" Music Video

Watch this extremely colorful and fun official music video for Falty DL's "My Light, My Love", a track off his "Atlantis" EP, which happens to be one of our favorite records of the year. Enjoy:

Loops Haunt - "Ark" EP

Loops Haunt's EP "Ark" was released on November 28th on Bristol based label Black Acre Records.  The title track is essentially a massive slab of experimental dubstep with a sound palette ranging from Rustie's glassy synth leads and buzzy basslines to early Warp atmospherics.  Listen to "Ark" below:
Loops Haunt - Ark by Black Acre Records

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update: Keep Shelly in Athens - "Campus Martius" EP

Unfortunately we weren't able to see Keep Shelly in Athens at their live show last weekend in their hometown at Bios.  Nonetheless, we were extremely proud and excited when we heard that the duo would be the first Greek act to be signed on the the seminal Planet μ label.  We grew up to the music of labelhead Mike Paradinas aka μ-ziq, who has since played a crucial part in shaping modern electronic music both with his own early productions but also through his trend setting and cutting-edge roster choices on his record label.

While the blogosphere has already been buzzing about Keep Shelly in Athens since their beginnings, this signing serves as a reaffirmation of the massive potential held by the pair.  Their first EP on Planet μ is entitled "Campus Martius" and will be releasing on December 5th. You can pre-order and preview the tracks here.  The EP demonstrates a darker approach to their sound that we had already noticed on previous single "Our Own Dream". You can also listen to or download their remix of Solar Bears' "Cub" below, which will also feature on the EP and, as stated by the label, was the track that first caught their attention or check out the title track right after:
Keep Shelly In Athens - 'Campus Martius' by BOILER ROOM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Made Up Sound - "The Plunge" EP

Upon listening to A Made Up Sound's title track off his the "The Plunge" EP one immediately encounters a completely fresh sound based on techno and broken beat but with a heavy dose of experimentation. His synth stabs almost sound like he's taken a drill to his synthesizer while his panning somehow sounds like it was done with surround sound. All this aside it is also remarkably suited for the dance floor. Listen to "The Plunge (beat mix)" below:
A Made Up Sound - 'Take The Plunge (beat mix)' by BOILER ROOM

Flying Lotus - "Mister Murky Socks (alt take mix2)"

A few hours ago, our favorite post-dilla experimental beatmaker and Brainfeeder labelhead Flying Lotus posted "Mister Murky Socks (alt take mix2)" on his soundcloud page, which is essentially an alternate version of his older track "Roberta Flack" off his 2008 Los Angeles LP.  While the actual beat is almost the same, the new element here is the catchy bassline that's as raw and organic as it is electronic and alien sounding.  Listen to it below:   
Flying Lotus - mister murky socks ///// LOS ANGELES ALT take mix2 by Flyinglotus

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Cup Endorsement #4

Ghost Girls - "Natsumi & Haruki"

TheGhost Gilrs turn Geisha on their latest apparition "Natsumi & Haruki".  The song is a slow and woozy techno number that is a welcome departure from their harder tracks.  Head over to their site today and have a listen while you still can:

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ghost Girls tracks are posted for a day only and then replaced we will no longer be covering them through our blog but we'll posting them on our facebook page

Preview: Cio D'Or - "Magnetfluss" (The Remixes)

Cio D'Or released another phenomenal EP this time featuring the remixes by Silent Servant, Milton Bradley and Shifted on the Prologue Record label from the "Magnetfluss" release. Preview the hypnotic basslines and experimental sounds of the record below and check out the video by SynchDub for the "Magnetfluss" original EP:
PRG023 - Cio D´Or - Magnetfluss Remixe (Silent Servant, Shifted, Milton Bradley) by Prologue

Monday, November 28, 2011

James Blake and Mount Kimbie live at the Warehouse Project (Manchester, 26.11.11)

James Blake live
As previously announced, last Saturday Red Cup was in Manchester to witness and cover the R&S Records night at the Warehouse Project.  First off, let's get one thing out of the way: while last summer we also covered an R&S night here in Athens and we also recently travelled to Paris for the Pitchfork Festival and the We Love BoomBox event...this one night in Manchester was far superior in every way starting from the venue, the sound and the organization, all the way to the line-up, the crowd and the overall vibe.  The nostalgic aesthetic of the venue was reminiscent of spontaneous old skool raves while at the same time the organization of the Warehouse Project ensured a smooth night with almost no queues (except for the smoking section!).  The sound in both rooms was loud with thunderous trouser shaking low-ends and clear high-ends.  As for the crowd, one immediately had the sense that they were there for the music - a testament to Manchester's thriving music scene.

As for the line-up the obvious highlights were Mount Kimbie and James Blake who performed live one after the other, and even together for an all too brief moment.

Mount Kimbie live
Mount Kimbie are known for their engaging live shows mostly due to the fact that they actually perform their songs rather than making minor tweaks to a pre-sequenced set.  Usually a typical post-dubstep outfit would sit behind a laptop and bop their heads, leaving us struggling to catch a glimpse of a facial expression in the glow of their screens as the only form of crowd interaction.  This was not the case with this duo who were improvising their tracks on stage, looking to eachother for cues, banging away at all sorts of midi-controllers and even reconstructing textures and sounds on the fly through the unconventional use of an electric guitar. 

Mount Kimbie live
From the opening track "Carbonated" the show was as gripping to watch as it was to listen to.  The duo closed off their set in a typical manner with "Maybes" yet with the (expected) surprise appearance of James Blake on stage to add some vocals and have a go at the gear, who upon getting up exclaimed "this reminds me of old times" (watch the video below). 

James Blake live
Next up was James Blake.  We've said a lot on this blog about the this man's music and while we've been unabashedly praising a lot of his earlier work we've been slightly skeptical as to the vocal turn evident on his latest LP and EPs.  All these concerns were immediately cast aside once we witnessed the sheer power of his voice in combination with a stripped down live set-up (James on the synthesizers, a guitarist who also was triggering some samples and a drummer with an acoustic and electronic kit).  

James Blake live
Songs that we might have skipped over on the LP sounded immense, while he breathed further life into record highlights such as "Limit to Your Love" and "The Wilhelm Scream".  Older, vocal-less and more electronic tracks such as "CMYK" were also given the live treatment to astonishing results (watch the video below).  Needless to say this was one of those unique and memorable live music experiences that forced us to look back at the artist's work and convinced us of his vision. 

In sum, achieving a live performance that is comparable or even surpasses the recorded material is a rare accomplishment in the world of electronic music.  Nonetheless, Mount Kimbie and James Blake have managed to do just that.  

Admittedly, we spent the rest of the night going back and forth between the rest of the acts trying to get as much in, albeit in a more casual way.  Lone's set sounded interesting as always and James Blake's DJ set in the smaller room was based around some banging dubstep tunes, yet he also dropped Drake's "Headlines" which was a welcome surprise.  All in all we really couldn't have asked for more from a night like this.  We're looking forward both to another event at the Warehouse Project as well as another opportunity to see the R&S roster live again.

For more photos and videos head over to the relevant facebook photo album or our youtube channel.

Photos and footage by Vanessa Keen

Ghost Girls - "April"

After a week of repeats, the Ghost Girls are back with another heavy experimental techno track probably entitled "April" that starts off like a blobby industrial track but develops a lighter feel with the introduction of a speedy arpeggio and atmospheric pads.  Well worth a listen once more....head over to the site and click play before the track disappears tomorrow:

Red Cup Endorsement #3

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Watch: Bloody Mary - Live Mix for Beatport

If you've kept up with this blog you'll already know that we're big fans of Dame Music labelhead Bloody Mary. Her productions aside, we're also paricularly fond of her mixes (check out her excellent mix for Wilde Agency here). This mix recorded live for Beatport (both video and audio) is no exception.  Watch and listen below:

Red Cup Endorsement #2

Red Cup goes to the Warehouse Project - R&S Records night

Red Cup are known fans of the R&S records roster and were thrilled to see a label dedicated event featuring Lone and Pariah here in Athens (see our coverage of the night here if you haven't already).  Now we are even more excited to announce that we will be travelling to Manchester this Saturday 26th of November to cover the R&S Records night under the auspices of the Warehouse Project. The line-up includes live and dj sets by such 'post-dubstep' Red Cup favorites as James Blake (live and DJ set), Mout Kimbie (live set), Lone, Pariah and Blawan (for the full line-up head here)Surf in to see plenty of videos and photos, as well as a round-up of the event soon.

James Blake and Mount Kimbie Live