Thursday, October 6, 2011

Watch: The Golden Filter's short film "Syndromes"

The NYC based duo, The Golden Filter, responsible for our all-time favorite remix of an UNKLE track, which also closed off our Red Cup Summex Mix Vol. 2, just posted their entire short film directed by award winning Kristoffer Borgli and featuring an original soundtrack with their own work.  Don't want to spoil anything other than that it involves a girl with superpowers who doesn't seem too happy about using them and features an amazing soundtrack.  Watch the entire 10 minute short film below or look out for the extremely limited vinyl release (300 copies) through the Vinyl Factory, which comes with the movie and a signed poster. You can also listen to "Mother", one of the 6 tracks available off that soundtrack, right under the video:

Mother (Theme from Syndromes) by TheGoldenFilter

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