Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tri Angle Bi Post No. 2 - New songs from Holy Other and Water Borders

Good things come in Tri Angles.  In our second Tri Angle Bi Post, the label that changed everything offers up two new tracks, both remixes, that are definitely worth our attention from Holy Other and Water Borders.

First up is Holy Other who, with a short yet incredible back-catalogue and an equally impressive array of eclectic remixes that rarely leave much of the original intact is back with another remix (have a listen to his recently posted remix of  Walls’ “Sunporch”, compare it to the original and you’ll see that this man is as faithful to the tracks he remixes as Aphex Twin famously was i.e. not at all).  This time, our favorite Tri Angle artist offers up an impressive rework for Black Dunes’ “This Will Destroy You”.  Don’t know about that but this will definitely leave you asking for more:

Next up is Water Borders, who we discovered late yet we’re glad we finally got on board thanks to that quaint and perfectly odd mix for Dummy magazine that we reposted not too long ago.  Have a listen to the excellent remix of their track by Machester based Damu.  The resulting sound is a carousel whirlwind of bleeps and electronics featuring a snare sound that is so delicious it would be worth a listen even if it wasn’t  heroically chopping though all that atmosphere. Listen to it or download it here:
Water Borders - What Wi Want (Damu Remix) by Damu

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