Monday, October 10, 2011

Stream: Kuedo - "Severant" LP

One of the most intriguing artists in the wider dubstep scene and widely considered as a founding father of the genre, along with former Vex'd band mate Roly Porter (check out our double post with solo work from both), Kuedo is soon releasing his much anticipated debut solo LP "Severant" on Planet μ. You can now stream the entire record, ahead of its release on October 17th, exclusively at the Guardian website here.  After delivering one of our favorite online mixes this year, Kuedo's "Severant" inspired by Vangelis and futwork (the genre which seems to be sweeping the label's roster, including label head Mikes Paradinas aka μ-ziq, off their...feet) is a post-galactapocalyptic masterpiece and looks like it will earn a place in our top albums of 2011.  We highly suggest you head over to the Guardian site for the full deal and an interesting interview or listen to the album sampler below:
Kuedo - 'Severant' Sampler by Planet Mu Records

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