Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dame Music Compilation - "Potluck"

Dame-Music (Red Cup favorite Bloody Mary's label) compilation album 'Potluck' will be released on the 22nd of June.  This double vinyl release is a celebration of the label's first year anniversary and serves as a showcase of its output through the featured brand new unreleased tracks produced by five duos on the label's roster. 

Bloody Mary was inspired to gather the Dame-Music family in order to unite their creativity and talent and work together closely on the compilation's music and artwork.  Red Cup highly recommends this unique compilation of new and unreleased tracks with work from SIS, Komaton, Cesare vs Disorder, Timid Boy and more! Listen to the compilation below and a video teaser trailer of the upcoming release after the jump.
Potluck Promo Edit 12" double vinyl_ Coming out 22th june 2011 by dame-music

Dame-Music First Year - Bloody Mary  teases "Potluck"

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