Friday, September 30, 2011

Plaid - Mix for Altered Zones

Listen to a new mix by Warp records pionneers Plaid for Altered Zones.  Though the duo's own productions lean on the traditional experimental and melodic side of electronic music, as their latest album also attests to, this mix exposes the band's love for dubstep, in its old school, 'post' and bass variations.  Listen to it or download it below:
Plaid: Altered Zones Mix by alteredzones

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stream: Walls - Coracle LP

Go ahead and listen to 'Coracle', the latest and greatest album by Walls, in its entirety.  If you've been reading this blog you might have noticed we've been raving about stand out track "Sunporch" as well as its Holy Other remix for a while now.  Listen to the entire album below or oder it here:

Walls - Coracle (Kompakt) by walls_band

Listen: Sun Glitters – “Time (Better Not Stop)”

I discovered Luxembourg native Victor Ferreira (aka Sun Glitters) earlier this summer and the man has constantly been dropping quality singles ever since so I figured it was due time to show him some love by way of  “Time (Better Not Stop),” a truly killer tune he released just last month. Keep an eye out for his soon to be released 4 track EP ‘High” as it is sure to be a real treat. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Listen: James Blake - "Fear To Fear"

James Blake seems to be in the  public eye at all times in 2011, good deal if you ask me because we have another unreleased track from the British composer. The song is called "Fear To Fear," and while there is no news on whether or not it will be officially released it’s ours to enjoy right now below…

Howse - "Resin"

The latest offering from Baltimore based electronic experimentalist Howse is his "Trakz EP" released through Austro Nautico.  His latest EP, continues where his previous release "undizputed" left off, drawing-in influences from footwork and recent bass music, to "ghost-hop" and early ambient electronic releases.  Red Cup stand out track is "Resin", which aside from starting out with a sample of a cup pouring (we love that for obvious reasons), perpetuates an unsettling bed of ominous atmospherics upon which are superimposed a hyper footwork beat and pitch-mangled chopped up vocals.  Listen to "Resin" below:
resin by howse

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Download: Adult Swim & Scion - "Unclassified" Compilation (feat. Burial, Actress, Zomby, SBTRKT, Pinch, Kode 9 and more)

WARNING: This is not a drill...though we did have to rub our eyes and pinch ourselves a few times before posting this ubelievable bit of news. If you're a self-respecting fan of electronic music do not miss this unbelievable freebie compilation offered up by the folks over at Adult Swim along with Scion a/v.  In all honesty, we do not remember a free offering of this calibre ever...we're talking such Red Cup favorites as Actress, Zomby, SBTRKT, Pinch, Kode 9, Dusk & Blackdown and many even features possibly our favorite track from this year, Burial's "Street Halo".  Click on the following link and download this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. compilation "Unclassified."

Actress - "Cus Clarence Told Me So" (in memory of DJ Mehdi)

Actress recently tweeted a download link to a new track he made in memory of the late DJ Mehdi. Dummy was kind enough to upload it their soundlcoud page where you can listen to or download the oddly named "Cus Clarence Told Me So".  The track is a pensive lo-fi techno affair with a mangled sample of Bronski Beat's "Small Town Boy".  Listen to or download the track below:
Actress - Cus Clarence Told Me So by DummyMag

Minilogue - Cycles EP

Released October 3rd on Dustin Zahn's label Enemy Records Minilogue deliver to us their new EP "Cycles". The Swedish duo consisting of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson once again put out a mind blowing techno EP with influences ranging from psychedelic beats and the more melodic side of electronic music (they're swedish after all). Listen to the (pretty big) snippets below:

Cycles EP out October 3 (pre-listen) by minilogue

Resoe - "The Black Void Of Space" EP

The "The Black Void Of Space" EP is the second 12" release with tracks from Resoe's debut album on Echocord. This phenomenal EP combines dubstep and early Detroit techno, a similar sound palette to some of Martyn's work.  Also of notable mention is the featured remix by Don Williams. Preview the genre and mind bending tracks below or listen to Resoe's "The black void of space podcast – 015":

Korallreven - "As Young As Yesterday" (Girl Unit remix)

Wut wut?!?!?! Girl Unit remixed Korallreven? Why didn't we think of that? Whereas we just posted a recent Korallreven remix of Britney Spears, now it's frenetic & flashy southern hip-hop influenced dubstep legend Girl Unit who took on the Swedes' first single from their November releasing debut album entitled "An Album".  Girl Unit's remix of "As Young as Yesterday" is a massive and characteristically bright affair with a cavernous reverb on the snare that will bop heads the world over. It will be featured on the 12" single release of the original, along with Panda Bear remix, which you can order here.  Listen to the Girl Unit remix of "As Young as Yesterday" below:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Panda - "An Iceberg Hurled Northwards Through Clouds"

Red Cup favorite Gold Panda just dropped a brand new track on his soundcloud page which will be featured on his upcoming DJ KiCKS mix for the !K7 label.  "An Iceberg Hurled Northwards Through Clouds" is a somber track with bell tones that were also evident in his previous release "MPB".  Listen to this amazing track below:

Phon.o - "ABAW 723"

Berlin based Phon.o just delivered a massive 12"- "ABAW 723 / Sad Happiness" which will be the15th release of Monkeytown offshoot 50 Weapons records. You can preview the A-side "ABAW 723" below, which sounds like a promising bass music banger with bleeps a plenty and playful vocal that's bound to get the dancefloor charged:
Phon.o "ABAW 723" (50WEAPONS015) OUT SEP 23 by Modeselektor

Regis - "Blood Witness"

Regis' first release under that monicker for the first time in a decade is "In a Syrian Tongue" a primal techno EP on Blackest Ever Black.  Stand out track "Blood Witness" is a dark and ominous affair that has a slight hypnotic tribal quality to it.  Listen to it below:
Regis - Blood Witness by Subbase Dublin

Pop Diva Bootleg Remix Face-Off: Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears

Don't worry we haven't gone soft here at Red Cup.  Though we aren't fans of the ladies' original work, we are known to be fans of upcoming producers unofficially reimagining the context of these mainstream female vocalists (check out previous Red Cup  posts featuring Ifan Dafydd's take on Amy Winehouse and Lapalux's twist on Gwen Stefani).  This time it's the Lady of Pop (not even sure if that's her official media title) and the Comeback Queen of Pop (we came up with that) that fall victim to indie bootlegging by the likes of Indigo Bunting and Korallreven respectively.

First off it's Wichita resident's Indigo Bunting's take on Gaga's "Monster", whose original melody is sucked out and reinterpreted through pitch manipulation only to be grafted with a hyperactive 'bass' beat. Listen to Lady Gaga's "Monster" (Indigo Bunting's Panoramic Juke Bootleg) below:
Lady Gaga - Monster (Indigo Bunting's PANORAMIC Juke Bootleg) by INDIGO BUNTING

Next up is Swedish balearic duo Korallreven's huge remix of Britney's "'Till The World Ends".  The Swedes leave Britney's vocal intact and plant it in one of their huge atmospheric soundscapes before they introduce a massive drum beat right around the middle.  Listen to Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends (Korallreven Remix)" below:
Britney Spears, "Till The World Ends (Korallreven Remix)" by The FADER

Watch: Birdy Nam Nam - "Going in" (music video)

Our favorite French turntablist quartet named after a Peter Sellers line in one of the funniest scenes in the cult classic movie "The Party", just released their new album "Defiant Order", a follow up to their previous release "The Parachute Ending" which also featured production help from none other than fellow frenchmen Justice. While the initial focus of the group's music was instrumental hip-hop, granted with a wide variety of influences from various genres of electronic music, Birdy Nam Nam's new sound seems to zeroing-in on the heavy hitting french-touch take on electro.  BNN's unique approach of printing their own productions and samples on vinyl and reconstructing them live for their records and performances remains a remarkable achievement that few have managed to recpilate to this day.  Watch the equally brilliant animation video for lead single "Going In", directed by Machine Molle or listen to the title-track, our favorite from the new album, below:

Birdy Nam Nam - Defiant Order by xserenz

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stream: Apparat - The Devil's Walk (Deluxe Edition)

Apparat released "The Devil's Walk" named after a political poem by romantic English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, on a deluxe CD Book edition, which includes bonus track "The World Around You", on Mute Records. Apparat's latest effort is a an experiment in stringed and electronic ambient with the added use of his own ethereal vocals.  You can stream the entire album here or listen to and download one of Red Cup's  favorite tracks from it "Ash/Black Veil" below:

Jamie xx and SBTRKT remix Radiohead

We've been keeping you up to date with the previous releases of the Radiohead album  King of the Limbs 12" remix series with highlights including Modeselektor, Shed, Lone and Four Tet.  Now we bring you the final installment, before all the remixes are released on digital formats with the above cover, featuring such Red Cup favorites as Jamie xx and SBTRKT, as well as Anstam.  This time Jamie  departs from his characteristic sound and gives "Bloom" an ambient bordeline-balearic twist.  Anstam delivers a choppy click remix to "Separator", while our favorite, the SBTRKT remix of "Lotus Flower", is a dubstep anthem in its own right.  Listen to all three remixes below:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Extrawelt - "Neuland" (Robag Wruhme remix)

This wicked "Darkoom Dubs Remixed" EP consisting of remixes by Robag Wruhme and John Selway is highly recommended by Red Cup.   We especially enjoyed Wruhme's remix of Extrawelt's "Neuland", which is in the same vain as his "Thora Vukk" album we loved and posted about recently.  Check out this special release out on Darkroom Dubs, the label run by the Glascovian duo Silicone Soul.  Listen to Wruhme's remix of "Neuland" below:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Donato Dozzy - "K" LP

Donato Dozzy's "K" debut album released on Further Records, intended as a limited edition vinyl exclusive record, disappeared in less than 48 hours since its release - upon listening  to any of the featured tracks, it's easy to understand why. This outstanding early-morning-techno record is riddled with influences ranging from early Warp releases to the melodic side of Berlin's Morr Music output.  Listen to "Track 1" (the tracks are all untitled) below or check out  "K" related artwork in a printed full color silkscreen on a heavy stock chipboard jacket here:

dBridge - "City of Lonely Runaways"

It used to be that the more experimental side of electronic music was influenced by and borrowed from the underground genre-anchored scenes (see the influence of Drum&Bass on Aphex Twin, Squarepusher etc. or the influence of chopped & screwed hip-hop on a lot of the Tri Angle artists).  With the output from dBridge's label Exit Records it seems as if the tables have turned.  We've already commented on how we came across the excellent "Decayed", the B-side to dBridge's "Rendez Vous" white label, and how it reminded us more of Boards of Canada than Bad Company (the latter being dBridge's former heavy hitting D&B project).  dBridge's  newest record is the excellent "City of Lonely Runaways", which much like Kuedo's latest work, draws more from Vangelis than Virus Records.  Listen to "City of Lonely Runways" below:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roman Flügel - "Song with Blue"

Roman Flügel's new LP "Fatty Folders" contains a gem of a track entitled "Song with Blue" which strikes an incredible balance between organic and electronic sounds.   Piano trickles and strings are combined eloquently with subtle and brushy electronic percussion resulting in a perfect soundtrack for a rainy fall afternoon.  It is September so we highly recommend you listen to "Song with Blue" below: 

Stay+ - "Fever"

This track by Mancunias Stay+ (formerly known as Christian Aids), builds in incredible amount of momentum and spooky anticipation before it explodes into a glorious and shamelessly melodic arpeggio right in the middle of the track.  "Fever" will be released soon on Ramp Recordings but until then you can listen to it below:

RAMP048 / Stay+ - Fever by RAMP Recordings / PTN

Stream: Four Tet - Fabric Live 59

As we had tipped you off last month, the latest and 59th installment if the prestigious Fabric live series belongs to none other than the versatille and prolific Four Tet.  The mix includes such Red Cup favorites as Burial, Ricardo Villalobos, Floating Points, as well as some exclusive tracks by Four Tet himself (full tracklist after the jump).  As with most of Four Tet's mixes, this one is journey which meanders into many different directions - just the kind of genre bending we love here at Red Cup.  Listen to the entire mix thanks to Self Titled magazine directly at their soundcloud link here or check out the short promo video below:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Water Borders - Dummy Mix 90

Admittedly, Water Borders has been the Tri Angle Records outfit we've been following the least.  However, after hearing this impeccable and incredibly diverse mix they made for Dummy this San Fransisco duo is also permanently on our radar.  Red Cup highly recommends you check out this educational, as much as it is entertaining mix, which combines chopped and screwed psych-rock, charleston, techno, bass music, ghost-hop, deep-ish house and dancehall (it even closes off with that rare Ital track "Culture Clubs" we discovered a while back and posted about here).  Listen to or download the mix for free directly from the Dummy site here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Former Vex'd Members' Solo Projects

The duo known as Vex'd widely acknowledged as having delivered the first dubstep album back in 2005 on Planet Mu are now recordings as solo artists.  First up is Kuedo (Jamie Teasdale aka Jamie Vex'd) whose upcoming album "Severant" releasing on October 17th is heavily influenced by retro-futuristic concepts.  Check out his tumblr site to see his visual influences, but we think it's pretty evident on track "Ant City" which is a Blade Runner themed chopped and screwed tempoed anthem:
Kuedo - Ant City taken from the LP 'Severant' by Planet Mu Records

Next up is the other former half of Vex'd, Roly Porter, whose  debut solo album "Aftertime" on Subtext Recordings is a triumph in atmospheric analogue drone music.  Porter has a very unique sound here so we suggest you listen to the preview below to get a taste of the record:
Roly Porter - Aftertime PREVIEW SUBCD002 by Multiverse

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Audiofly feat. Fiora - 6 Degrees (The Remixes)

Get Physical Music new release Audiofly's (feat. Fiora) "6 Degrees" includes remixes by Martin Buttrich and Guti, who also just came out with his first LP with the Desolat family.  This is a two track EP with Buttrich providing a TechHouse spin on the track whereas Guti goes the in a deep house direction. This summery rhythmic track is a grower. Listen to it below:

Daft Punk - "Drive"

At Red Cup we've made an oath to post any new bit of music emitted from the studio of the robotic duo that needs no introduction...even if it's old but new.  We'd heard for a while now that Scottish techno imprint Soma had gotten it's hands on an old lost demo for a track that Daft Punk had sent to the label as a B-Side to "Rolling and Scratching" in 1994.  The label opted for the now classic "Da Funk" instead and completely forgot about "Drive" until now.  The tracks will be featured on the label's 20th year anniversary compilation which you can pre-order here.  Listen to a preview of the 909 kick-drum led old school techno track below:

Daft Punk - Drive Unreleased 1994 (Preview) by soma

I Break Horses - "Load Your Eyes" (Star Slinger Remix)

The Swedes with the band name that would bring many little girls to tears, has just gotten a fitting Star Slinger treatment.  The UK producer, with recent credits on the new Air France track amid a brief yet incredibly promising back catalogue of productions and remixes, has slinged his stellar magic all over I Break Horses' "Load Your Eyes".  The result is his signature huge atmposhereic soundscapes violently pumped through ultra-dilla-compressed beats. Listen below: 

I Break Horses - Load Your Eyes (Star Slinger Load Your 808 Remix) by Bella Union

Listen: When Saints Go Machine - "Kelly" (Shlohmo Remix)

Shlohmo is back with another sharp remix, this time it’s in the form of CopenhagenDenmark’s When Saints Go Machine. Check out the dreamy “Kelly” below…

When Saints Go Machine- Kelly (Shlohmo Remix) by !K7 Records

Friday, September 16, 2011

Om Unit - "Fibonacci 10"

Here at Red Cup we're suckers for electronic music based around obscure mathematical concepts (see Aphex Twin's 'face' song or Boards of Canada's "Music is Math") and refuse to believe that such allegations are mere marketing ploys.  It is for this reason that we're delighted to present to you Om Unit's most recent track from the "Hoya Vol. 3" EP which is named after and apparently based on the fibonacci sequence.  Listen to Om Unit's "Fibonacci 10" below:

Fibonacci 10 - Hoya 003 - Out Now by omunit

Watch: Walls - "Sunporch" video

This is our third post regarding this song (that's how much we like it).  The first involved the spooky Holy Other remix, the second referred to the original track and now you can finally watch a video for "Sunporch".  The video revolves around the duo performing live under a disco ball with plenty of visual digital distortion making things both beautiful and hard for us to see.  You can pre-order the duo's album releasing on Kompakt on September 26th through Bleep.  For now watch the music-video for "Sunporch" below:

Mr Scruff - "Wobble Control"

If you don't like Mr Scruff...well you're just plain mean. The tea loving, multi-talented Ninja Tune artist, must be the nicest guy in electronic music, but that doesn't stop him from delivering some of the meanest, wobbliest if you will, basslines around.  I remember listening to an old guest DJ set of Mr Scruff on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide radio show, where he spoke for about 30 minutes on how to brew the best cup of tea over some of the funkiest beats I had heard that year.

His new 12" which you can order directly from his own online store, features the ultra-funky new  track "Wobble Control" plus a remix of the opening track from his previous album, "Music Takes Me Up" by Nickodemus & Zeb.  Watch the official video for "Wobble Contol" below, which of course features his very own characteristic animation:   

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Modeselektor remixes Radiohead

We've been keeping you up to date on previous installments of the Radiohead 12" remix series (check here and here).  This time Modeselektor passes "Goodmorning Mrs Magpie" through their simian Berliner filter with great result.  The widely known fact that the bands are mutual fans and collaborators loans a personal touch to the track which we're sure you'll feel too if you listen too it below:

Good Evening Mrs Magpie - Modeselektor RMX by Radiohead

Watch: Mout Kimbie - "Carbonated" video

Mount Kimbie's "Carbonated" was our favorite tracks from the duo's first album and the lead track to their recent EP Now the song received one more treat via this atmospheric and personal video which eloquently illustrates how music and nightlife take us out of our routine drenched mundane lives.  Enjoy:


Conforce - "Dystopian Elements" EP

One of Red Cup's favorite artists Conforce is back with his new EP "Dystopian Elements" released on Delsin, also on limited-edition colored vinyl for those collectors out there. The deep  ambient tracks on this EP develop Boris Bunnik's signature sound even further. Check out below "Luminous" sample "Lonely Run" and "Vacuum" to get another taste of his unique talent:
Conforce - Lonely Run by Delsin Records

Ricardo Villalobos & Baby Ford - "Apariciones Reworked" EP

Thomas Melchior's beautiful "Apariciones" EP remixed by two masterminds of techno Ricardo Villalobos and Baby Ford. Melchior's productions have never been remixed by anyone before so we were very excited when we heard that these rare talents got the unique opportunity to infuse it with their creative spin.  The result is an extraordinary and unique sound that should not be missed. You can listen to two tracks from "Apariciones Reworked" below, which is out now on Lick My Decκ:

Melchior Productions Ltd. - Cinza De Fenix - (Baby Ford Remix) by Lick My Deck recordings

Melchior Productions Ltd. - Todo Mundo - (Ricardo Villalobos "Todo EL" Remix) by Lick My Deck recordings

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Video: Balam Acab - "Apart"

Yet another new video from Pennsylvania’s Balam Acab, Looks like the idea for Welcome’s video  has been expanded on introducing shadowy figures in the cloudy world making it even more trippy.  

Apart #2 - Balam Acab from dre間am on Vimeo.

Dinky - "Time To Lose It" EP

Chilean born, Berlin-based Dinky (sound familiar?) is no newcomer to the scene of electronic music.  DJ and producer for over a decade, she has released massive hits on Cocoon, Wagon Repair ('Anemik' LP was one of RA's albums of the year for 2010), Crosstown Rebels, and most recently on Ostgut Ton.  She also runs her own label "Horizontal" in order to retain and express her artistic freedom. Now she's coming out with "Time To Lose It" on Visionquest featuring her melodic vocals on a few tracks as well.  Listen to 'This Is Your Heart' below as well as a preview to this remarkable new EP.  Furthermore, if you've never caught a set by Dinky, a visit to one of her nights at Panorama bar in Belrin, where she has has the honor of residency since 2004, would be a good place to start.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Justice - "Helix"

"Helix" might be our favorite of the new Justice tracks floating around, as it doesn't shy away from the sound that made us fall in love with the band in the first place.  However, the duo doesn't wrest on its laurels developing that sound and taking it into brighter interstellar (555?) territory. It's brim full of those breathy j-pop solo guitar riffs we've grown accustomed to only this time they're not nearly as distorted and quite more accessible.  The future finally looks promising a-cross the universe.  Listen to Justice's "Helix" below:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Daniel Stefanik - "In Days of Old Pt. 2" EP

Daniel Stefanik's love for electronic music started in the mid- 90's when he fell head over heels for Detroit Techno and started playing gigs all around the world including Tresor/Berlin. After realizing he wasn't satisfied merely playing others' records he began releasing his own material in the styles of dub, minimal and abstract electronic music. He soon teamed up with mastermind Matthias Tanzmann releasing tracks together as Tanzmann & Stefanik. "In Days of Old Pt. 2" is out on Kann Records and is a must have EP for those dance oriented listeners. Listen below:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Listen: Modeselektor - Shipreck" (feat. Thom Yorke) & "This" (feat. Thom Yorke)

Last month we told you about the Berlin duo Modeselektor’s upcoming "Monkeytown" LP offering up 45 second previews of each track, now we have two full tracks for you to enjoy in the form of "Shipwreck" and "This” both featuring Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Modeselektor - Shipwreck feat. Thom Yorke by 1077 The End
Modeselektor - This feat. Thom Yorke by 1077 The End

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purity Ring - "Belispeak"

We've been fans of Corin and Megan's work since the beginning...we love all three of their tracks.  Although the Canadian duo are about as prolific as they are promiscuous (get it?), they have accomplished a rare hat trick. Due to being willingly stranded on a beach for a couple of days we weren't able to post this new Purity Ring track as soon as it came out, but we did want to make sure you didn't miss out on these 3 minutes of ghost-pop electronic bliss.  On "Belispeak" the still mysterious duo manage to succesfully combine everything that is buzz-worthy in underground electonic music these days: a swedish balearic vocal tinge underpinned by Tri Angle-esque atmosphere and a post-dubstep shuffle.  The track is available on a split 7" with Braids releasing on Fat Possum Records.  Listen to "Belispeak" below or check out their previous track "Lofticries" on our Summer Mix Vol. 1:

Belispeak by PURITY RING

Monday, September 5, 2011

Air France - FACT mix

Air France, aka bringers of the sublime to our mundane lives, is our favorite Swedish duo recently recruited for scoring the soundtrack to paradise (citation needed, but generally accepted).  Can't emphasize how much we' ve missed these guys and we're glad that they're back with a brand new single recently posted on Onomatopoeia.  Now you can also listen to an incredible summer mix made for FACT featuring such Red Cup favorites as Clams Casino and Holy Other who, along with Air France themselves, have also been featured on both our first and second summer mixes.  Listen to or download the stuff summer day dreams are made of directly on soundcloud here (only available for the next three weeks).