Monday, October 3, 2011

Dave I.D. - "SumR" (Actress Remix)

On his remix for Dave I.D.'s "SumR", Actress explores the darker shades of his experiments in techno.  At Red Cup we were discussing among us the parallel between Aphex Twin and Actress and how both artists took elements from strict and purist genres (d&b, techno and dubstep) and created their own sound operating in the margin and existing in a twilight world where such influences can coexist.  There's a respect for the source material but also a sense of humor or a lightness that is refreshing for such sounds that are usually emitted from genre-anchored artists.  Ultimately, both achieved a seminal, unique and personal sound that has borrowed from many but is near impossible to replicate.  Listen to what we mean below on Actress' remix for Dave I.D.'s "SumR":
Dave I.D. - SumR (Actress Remix) by Ernestime

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