Friday, August 19, 2011

Tri Angle Bi Post - 2 new songs from Holy Other and Balam Acab

Tri Angle is one of our go-to labels at the moment. The imprint's artists are constantly coming up with quality releases surpassing themselves and each other almost every time. We were excited to hear that Clams Casino's free instrumental mix tape just got the vinyl treatment, which we highly recommend to collectors, vinyl fetishists or completists (we're all three). If you missed it check out our older post with a relevant link where u can still download it for free. For now we're going to focus on two new releases from the label's roster:

First up is this characteristically woozy remix of Kompakt artist Walls' "Sunporch" by Holy Other. We've always thought Holy Other's music sat comfortably in the middle ground between syrupy chopped and skrewed hip-hop and the formerly-known-as witch house scene (we've labeled this Ghost-hop). This track is no exception. Holy Other stretches the original's vocals beyond recognition drenching them in cavernous reverb all the while creating a slow flowing thick melody that you could almost visualize as a Charlie and the Chocolate factory fudge river...and like that movie the track has a cheerful yet uneasy feeling permeating it throughout. Listen to the "Sunporch" remix by Holy Other below:

Walls - Sunporch (Holy Other Remix) by Kompakt

Next up is another Red Cup favorite, Tri Angle label mate Balam Acab whose remix of "My Boo" we posted recently. His track "Motion", from his forthcoming LP "Wander/Wonder" releasing on August 29th, is still echoing in the haunted tropical wonderland Castle made out of expired cake frosting where it was recorded. Seriously though, it's hard to think of this sound coming out of anywhere else, especially not a 20 year old human's imagination. Listen to "Motion" and let your imagination run wild with it below:

Balam Acab - Motion by TriAngleRecords

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