Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinky - "Time To Lose It" EP

Chilean born, Berlin-based Dinky (sound familiar?) is no newcomer to the scene of electronic music.  DJ and producer for over a decade, she has released massive hits on Cocoon, Wagon Repair ('Anemik' LP was one of RA's albums of the year for 2010), Crosstown Rebels, and most recently on Ostgut Ton.  She also runs her own label "Horizontal" in order to retain and express her artistic freedom. Now she's coming out with "Time To Lose It" on Visionquest featuring her melodic vocals on a few tracks as well.  Listen to 'This Is Your Heart' below as well as a preview to this remarkable new EP.  Furthermore, if you've never caught a set by Dinky, a visit to one of her nights at Panorama bar in Belrin, where she has has the honor of residency since 2004, would be a good place to start.

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