Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korallreven - "As Young As Yesterday" (Girl Unit remix)

Wut wut?!?!?! Girl Unit remixed Korallreven? Why didn't we think of that? Whereas we just posted a recent Korallreven remix of Britney Spears, now it's frenetic & flashy southern hip-hop influenced dubstep legend Girl Unit who took on the Swedes' first single from their November releasing debut album entitled "An Album".  Girl Unit's remix of "As Young as Yesterday" is a massive and characteristically bright affair with a cavernous reverb on the snare that will bop heads the world over. It will be featured on the 12" single release of the original, along with Panda Bear remix, which you can order here.  Listen to the Girl Unit remix of "As Young as Yesterday" below:

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