Thursday, September 22, 2011

dBridge - "City of Lonely Runaways"

It used to be that the more experimental side of electronic music was influenced by and borrowed from the underground genre-anchored scenes (see the influence of Drum&Bass on Aphex Twin, Squarepusher etc. or the influence of chopped & screwed hip-hop on a lot of the Tri Angle artists).  With the output from dBridge's label Exit Records it seems as if the tables have turned.  We've already commented on how we came across the excellent "Decayed", the B-side to dBridge's "Rendez Vous" white label, and how it reminded us more of Boards of Canada than Bad Company (the latter being dBridge's former heavy hitting D&B project).  dBridge's  newest record is the excellent "City of Lonely Runaways", which much like Kuedo's latest work, draws more from Vangelis than Virus Records.  Listen to "City of Lonely Runways" below:

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