Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video: Jacques Greene – “Ready”

Producer JacquesGreene's drops the video for "Ready" the title track from his new EP on Martyn's 3024 label. From early releases with LuckyMe and Night Slugs via high profile remixes and on to the recent formation of his own Vase imprint the Montreal native has been at the front of his home town's rapidly snowballing acclaim as a creative incubator of unusual quality, fusing R&B's raw emoting to House and Techno's sleek propulsion. The Ready EP is a further refinement of the sound he's made his own, taking it further than ever before but always balancing aerodynamic efficiency with the unusually organic emotion. The video its self seems to be a world of miniatures although this could just be trick camera work, whatever the case both the tune and visuals are top notch.


  1. It's just an effect. Look up tilt-shift photography.

  2. I figured as much, couldn't recall the name of the technique that's why I phrased the wording as I did.