Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guy Andrews - "Shades/Textures" EP

Brighton based Guy Andrews will be releasing his "Shades/Textures" EP on Hemlock on November 21st.  The EP is another example of the exciting melting pot that is electronic music these days.  With shades of techno, bass, dubstep and some old school drum & bass atmospherics Guy Andrews' sound further contributes to the crumbling of strict scene boundaries and exists in a multiple-influence grey zone area (more so than obvious dual sounds such as the techno meets dubstep of Martyn). We're particularly intrigued by "Textures" on which Andrews plays with a very characteristic Berlin techno stab intertwined with percussive elements which are tonally related to the bass/post-dubstep world but are imported into a 4/4 context:

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