Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Cup at the R&S Records Event in Athens (16.06.2011)

Last night Red Cup danced the night away at the 9,84 FM Amphitheatre in Technopolis (Athens, Greece) to the music of the R&S all-star cast on a night dedicated to the legendary label organized by Cloud City X, with the support of Red Bull Academy and Athens International Radio.  
The night felt like an exclusive and cozy affair, with familiar faces representing Athens' various like-minded venues and event planners such as BIOS, Six D.O.G.S and The Meet Market.  This picture of Lone and Pariah having a casual chat outside the amphitheatre before the show is a testament to the relaxed and personal vibe of the night:

Lone and Pariah having a chat before the show
More details regarding the event, including photos and a video coming soon, after the jump.

Red Cup loves Technopolis.  It was good to be back in the former gasworks factory, listening to electronic music, especially since this year it doesn't look like the Synch Festival is taking place (we can't tell from the cryptic announcement on their site claiming that this year the Festival is dedicated to silence). 
The visuals of the R&S event were intriguing, though we have to note that they were looped and not synchronized to the music:
Greece's own Petit Bear opened up the night and set the tone for Lone's live performance which followed suit.  During his hour long set, Lone stayed true to his newly adopted signature sound of technicolor techno, evident on his recently released LP Emerald Fantasy Tracks and stayed clear of his dilla-esque hip-hop roots on his first few records (see the Lemurian LP).  Toward the end of his performance, Lone briefly switched to the turntables and served up one of the highlights of the night, the massive banger and recent  Red Cup post "Thunder Bay" by Hudson Mohawke.

Lone during his live performance

After Lone's impressive appearance, Pariah took control of the decks and swerved off into a funkier side of dubstep which, along with the commands of the night's MC, made us dance the night away.
Pariah on the decks
Red Cup would like to give a special shout out to the organizers for a highly succesful and free(!!!) night with quality music and a friendly crowd.  We look forward to many more... 

(Photos by Vanessa Keen)

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