Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update: Keep Shelly in Athens - "Campus Martius" EP

Unfortunately we weren't able to see Keep Shelly in Athens at their live show last weekend in their hometown at Bios.  Nonetheless, we were extremely proud and excited when we heard that the duo would be the first Greek act to be signed on the the seminal Planet μ label.  We grew up to the music of labelhead Mike Paradinas aka μ-ziq, who has since played a crucial part in shaping modern electronic music both with his own early productions but also through his trend setting and cutting-edge roster choices on his record label.

While the blogosphere has already been buzzing about Keep Shelly in Athens since their beginnings, this signing serves as a reaffirmation of the massive potential held by the pair.  Their first EP on Planet μ is entitled "Campus Martius" and will be releasing on December 5th. You can pre-order and preview the tracks here.  The EP demonstrates a darker approach to their sound that we had already noticed on previous single "Our Own Dream". You can also listen to or download their remix of Solar Bears' "Cub" below, which will also feature on the EP and, as stated by the label, was the track that first caught their attention or check out the title track right after:
Keep Shelly In Athens - 'Campus Martius' by BOILER ROOM

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  1. I'm happy to see a Greek act getting worldwide press, just wish it wasn't one that I find so uninspiring, convince me yet Shelly, I hope to eat my own words in the future and join the club.