Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams (Balam Acab remix)

It's been quite the month for Red Cup favorite Balam Acab.  With a perfection approaching remix dedicated to the one year anniversary of the hottest label at the moment Tri Angle and an album releasing on that very label on August 29th with all the initial signs pointing to it reaching 'instant classic' status - the sky's the limit for this ghost-hop pioneer.  His new LP "Wander/Wonder", to his own apparent shock, even made album of the month over at Rough Trade:

This brand new remix of Sleep ∞ Over's "Romantic Streams" is a further testament to the fact that August, nay summer, 2011 belongs to Balam Acab.  Listen to this haunted remix below or download it over at Gorilla vs. Bear:

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