Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Cup goes to the Warehouse Project - R&S Records night

Red Cup are known fans of the R&S records roster and were thrilled to see a label dedicated event featuring Lone and Pariah here in Athens (see our coverage of the night here if you haven't already).  Now we are even more excited to announce that we will be travelling to Manchester this Saturday 26th of November to cover the R&S Records night under the auspices of the Warehouse Project. The line-up includes live and dj sets by such 'post-dubstep' Red Cup favorites as James Blake (live and DJ set), Mout Kimbie (live set), Lone, Pariah and Blawan (for the full line-up head here)Surf in to see plenty of videos and photos, as well as a round-up of the event soon.

James Blake and Mount Kimbie Live

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