Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 Many DJs - Radio Soulwax online (plus apps)

Add this link on your bookmarks now or risk missing out on what's looking to be THE free online audio/visual experience of the the summer.  The knob twiddlers from Ghent (our 2nd favorite city in Belgium after Bruges...sorry for the blatant favoritism, it's personal) are back offering up their latest creative endeavors on their site in their capacity as Radio Soulwax... don't make us explain the origin behind each of their monickers, this excellent documentary about the band of brothers (that's a cool name for them too ;)) does it better than we ever could or just check out this short interview from one of Red Cup's  own taken a while back when the duo were in Athens, Greece.  

Their site will start streaming this sure to be huge mix by the Belgian giants on Monday, July 4th.  Until then you can still listen to their previous project "Introversy" on the very same link.  

According the press release: "The visuals you will see here are crafted, inspired and lovingly animated using the imagery from the sleeves of the very records that shape each and every thematic hour in the 24-hour mix. At times the visuals themselves have even driven, informed and helped re-imagine the audio parts you’ll hear simultaneously…Each and every one of these painstakingly produced hours is fun, different and geared to trigger individual reactions unique to the viewer, listener, consumer etc. 

The service is free, and the mixes will not be released in any other form. In addition to the live online feed, Radio Soulwax will be available to stream and download via a special iPhone/iPad/Android application. You will be able to download this from the Apple and Google App stores as of Monday."

"....thank you for the actooooo"

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