Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preview: DJ Food - "The Search Engine" LP

A few weeks ago we posted a nostalgic mix of Boards of Canada's "Geodaddi" by DJ Food.  Now you can preview DJ Food aka Strictly Kev's own album (the first in 11 years since "Kaleidoscope") releasing in January 2012 on Ninja Tune. The album is a heavier take on DJ Food's sound, features many collaborations and, like DJ Shadow's latest effort, also explores some rock elements.  As expected, the music is varied, as are the non-musical influences for the records, which range from astronauts to how search engines have changed our lives.  An interesting premise for an exciting listening experience.  Take a sneak peak below or pre-order "The Search Engine" here:

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  1. Wow you know it actually feels longer then 11 years.