Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watch: Gold Panda - "Marriage" Live

We are renound Gold Panda fans here at Red Cup and have been so since his very first releases.  On the latest issue (3-11) of the excellent Slices Magazine we caught a brief glimpse into the mindset of the British artist, known for his modesty and for being soft-spoken, in which he states that performing live was never part of the plan but developed out of necessity.  We're perplexed by this because Gold Panda's live performances number among the most intriguing one-man electronic music sets with many elements reconstructed and well-adapted for the live environment.  Watch him perform "Marriage" live in London this past October below and you'll see what we mean.  Don't forget to check out his DJ-Kicks mix as well, which also demostrates his unique DJing skills as well:

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