Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stream: Muta - "Runner" LP

Philosophy and music student Cliff Harris, aka Muta's "Runner" LP makes up King Deluxe's 7th release thus far.  Straight from the opening track its is immediately evident that this man likes his circuits dusty and noisy, hence the 70s sci-fi feel of the album music and cover art (the latter illustrated by Laura Bifano).  On most of the tracks, Muta doesn't resort to superficial melodies or easy rhythms, but rather focuses on sound and texture providing a collage of various influences of electronic music including chip-tune, a lot of the Brainfeeder instrumental stuff and there's a little early Warp in there too but undoubtedly the end result is quite unique.  As an album "Runner" is also very cohesive and it almost feels like the artist is trying to tell a story. It isn't until the last two track of the album that the music winds down a bit in order to ponder on the experience as a whole, which adds to the conceptual feeling of the album.  Listen to the entire album or watch the video for the last track "Sleepshop" below:   


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