Thursday, November 10, 2011

Watch: Sepalcure - "Pencil Pimp" Music Video

It's an exciting time for underground electronic music.  Genre boundaries are becoming more and more obsolete as many artists are consciously transceding their niche scenes and combining elements from various fields of electronic music.  This seems to be happening at all levels, be it the more obvious macro level of wider genres such as dubstep and techno (see artists such as Martyn, Guy Andrews and Scuba) or micro levels of sub-genres rapidly bouncing influences back and forth.  Sepalcure's "Pencil Pimp" (aka Travis Stewart of Machinedrume and Praveen Sharma of Braille) belongs to the latter category.  The track is a interesting combination of stripped back high-treble bass music with a Mount Kimbie shuffle with vocal snippets treated in a ghost-hop witchy kinda way, similar to Holy Other's work.  Watch their video for "Pencil Pimp", which also works on multiple levels visually, below:

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