Monday, November 14, 2011

Ghost Girls ??????

We came across a very mysterious site with just a play button, a volume control and the above photo.  We're assuming this a British project (from the link) under the name of Ghost Girls.  That, and the fact that the above picture is entitled "Jasmin" (song title perhaps?) are the only things we know about the people behind this track, but once you head over to and press play you'll hear why this whole thing is as odd as it is good.  After the announcement that "this is a Ghost Girls apparition" the track plays like  a haunted 4/4 techno take on old skool d&b atmopsherics...just the kind of things we're getting more and more into these days (witch-techno anyone?).  The track ends with the words "the Jasmin twins" - spooky.  Head over to the site and listen for yourself (there's no embed link available...of course).

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