Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warp Records Triple Post - New music from Squarepusher and Clark and the Battles Remixes

On today's triplet of new goodies from the classic electronic music label we will not be discussing the rumors regarding a new Boards of Canada double album.  Instead we will talk about Squarepusher's upcoming album details and live show, Clark's latest tune off his upcoming LP and the Battles' remix album.

Squarepusher has disappeared for while (no shocker there) since his latest project with Shoebaleader One.  We're extremely excited to hear that he's back with a new album entitled "Ufabulum" releasing in mid-May, which according the the man himself will be pure electronic (no bass guitar? doubt it), melodic and aggressive. We're also glad that the Daft Punkesque mask he dawned on his previous collaborative project is still around.  Listen to a tiny snippet of what's to come below.  For more details on live performances revolving around the new album go here.

Up next is the latest track to appear from Clark's upcoming LP "Iradelphic".  We've already posted another album track "Com Touch", and now you can listen "The Pining Pt 2" below as well.  This track is still heavy in the beat section, yet the song is even more melodic with vocal elements that are introduced in this way for the first time on a Clark track:

Our last bit of new is the exciting announcement with regard to a remix album of Battles' Dross Glop LP based on the relevant 12" releases.  Contributors include Hyperdub labelhead Kode 9, Shabazz Palaces, Silent Servant, Hudson Mohawke and more.  The album will be releasing in mid April.  Our favorite of the few that have seen the light of day so far is the remix of "Sweetie & Shag" by The Field.  Listen to it below:

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