Sunday, January 8, 2012

Planet μ Double Post - New music from Ital and Mike Paradinas' Boiler Room set

Planet μ is one of our favorite record labels here at Red Cup with some strong releases in 2011 such as new material from Keep Shelly in Athens, Kuedo and Ital Tek. That being said, it's high time we gave the imprint the ol' double post treatment.

First up is one of the label's latest signing Ital (not to be confused with aforementioned label mate Ital Tek).  We've already posted an earlier non-Planet μ release of this artist's work which we were particularly fond of.  With growing buzz around his name, the label finally revealed a sneak peak into what we can expect from his debut LP Hive Mind releasing in February and boy are we excited.  Listen to the jittery ADD album opener cheekily entitled "Doesn't Matter (if you love him)" below:

Next up is label head and electronic music legend Mike Paradinas' (aka μ-ziq) set for the Boileroom.  The mix is filled to the brim with top notch footwork tracks, a genre he's responsible for bringing to the masses and to electronic music's sub-conscious (just listen to the footwork influence on tracks by Kuedo, Machinedrum and Evian Christ).  If your still not sold or you need some catching up this is a good place to start:

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