Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lone - "Crystal Caverns 1991"

Lone's "Crystal Caverns 1991" constitutes another new direction in the ever-morphing sound of the R&S artist.  While recent releases and his DJ sets have been hinting at a newfound love for an old school rave anthem aesthetic and his previous LP "Emerald City Tracks" had such element peaking under the thick gauze of technicolor BoCeqsue atmospheres, this track off his upcoming LP "Galaxy Garden" (on the 5th of July on R&S) doesn't hold back on this theme in the least.  Essentially, this is an old school rave track made with modern production tools and a contemporary feel for tempo and composition.  Listen to the explosive "Crystal Caverns 1991" below:
Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991 by R & S Records

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