Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Download: Boards of Canada - "Untitled" (Machinedrum edit)

A long long time ago, when Boards of Canada decided to stop making music (temporarily we still hope) we hit the P2P networks in desperate attempts to find and download any bootleg/unreleased/live recording of the duo we could get our greedy hands on.  Sifting through hundreds of tracks, some genuine BoC material some not, one song stood out among the rest.  The unreleased track that was performed live at a Warp 10th Birthday party in 2000 with the infectious vocoder (is it saying "the clock is ticking"?) and the electro-ish beat recorded in poor quality crept into our top BoC tracks of all time.  We've heard it so many times that the poor recording and crowd noise (many conversations can be heard, phones ringing etc.) feel part of the track now and even make it more Boardsy in a sense.  With all this in mind, we were delighted to hear that Machinedrum, who also went through the aforementioned steps, decided to provide a more cleaned up edit, recreating certain elements, yet also maintaining a lot of the original's aesthetic (including the crowd noise).  Listen to or download the track below:

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