Friday, July 8, 2011

Red Cup Summer Mix Vol. 1

Photo by Vanessa Keen
The time has finally come for Red Cup  to take a 2 week break and do some much needed Greek island hopping.  Times are tough - sprits and budgets are low, yet when the sun and the volume are high everything seems better.  Therefore, we couldn't leave without something special for those who have stopped by and supported Red Cup thus far.  

Here it is, our first (in a series?) of summer mixtapes intended to keep you company at the beach, on the way to the beach, on the way home from the beach etc.  In the true spirit of our blog, the mix crosses all genres of electronic music but is cohesive in its summeriness. We hope this will hold you over until we get back. 

Thank you for your support and  see you again in two weeks.  Until then, may your cup be red and half-full.  Listen to or download the Red Cup Summer Mix Vol. 1 below:

Red Cup Summer Mix Vol. 1 by aRedCup

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  1. I am currently cooking salsiccia and ciccoria in the Eternal City, rockin' out to this mix. Well done Mr. Red and Mrs. Cup...well done.