Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ada - "At the Gate"

On her new record "Meine zarten Pfoten" (German for 'my tender paws') out now on Pampa Records, Cologne, Germany based minimal artist Michaela Dippel aka Ada treads beyond the beaten path of her genre.   

Red Cup stand out tune is "At the Gate," a restless number that sits in an ambiguous territory between melacholy defeatism and glimmers of hope fluttering in and out  the song, expressed so eloquently by the piano chords, as well as the guitar riff introduced late into the track. "At the Gate" never tips all the way on either side of the scale, even at its conclusion, thus dedicating itself entirely to a pensive aural exploration into one of the subtler moments in life.  Listen to the track below and watch the unofficial video for it by the29novFilms.


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