Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stateless - "Ariel"

After a hyped early career with endorsements from the likes of DJ Shadow (including a guest appearance on his last album), a record deal with Sony and an imaginative first album juxtaposing 90s Rock and R&B vocals with modern electronics (way before the lo-fi R&B revival pioneered by How to Dress Well, The Weeknd etc), the promising act Stateless suddenly became label-less.

All that changed when the band found a fitting home, in seminal label NinjaTune one of Red Cup’s long-standing favorites, which after their 20 year anniversary box release seem to be back on form.  

The track “Ariel” is a rather unusual entry for Red Cup but our Greek side couldn’t resist the haunting bouzouki sample (Greek stringed lute-like instrument) which is combined in quite an unorthodox manner with a post-Neptunes beat and Chris James’ signature vocals.  Not to mention the hook is ultra-catchy.  Listen to and watch the flash video for the song below and be sure to check out their new album “Matilda” on Ninja Tune.

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