Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mark Van Hoen - "The Revenant Diary" LP

We're happy to announce that the legendary Mark Van Hoen will be releasing his his fifth solo album "The Revenant Diary" this time on Editions Mego records.  The founding member of Seefeel, mastermind behind Locust and Slowdive collaborator knows how to make noise.  His distinct sound is based around his mastery of tone, detail, harmonics and melody...a celebration of the potential of electronic music and an accomplishment in sound scultping.  According to the press release the basis of this album was recorded on "4-track tape, using a minimal set-up, reminiscent of his first early '80s musical adventures as a young teenager."  Aside from fans of the aforementioned projects, this is also music for fans of Boards of Canada, Bibio, The Field, The Orb etc.  As you can tell by the preview below this is bound to be one of the albums to look out for in 2012. We can't wait.
mark van hoen - the revenant diary (album preview) by experimedia

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