Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Download: Anstam - "Born and Raised (Version)"

If you've read or heard an Anstam interview (rare as they are) then you know as well as we do that this isn't your ordinary guy.  If you've heard his music, you'll also know this isn't your ordinary Berlin based producer.  Anstam who has previously released work on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons, including his Dispel Dances LP and offered up 2 excellent remixes of Radioheads TKOL remix compilation (here's 1 and 2) just posted this wonderfully strange track on his soundcloud page.  The sense of dread and uneasiness combined with a wide eyed insatiable curiosity  seems to be omnipresent in his work and it definitely rears its head in "Born and Raised (Version)".  Listen to or download the track below or visit Anstam's soundcloud page to listen to the alternate version:
ANSTAM's Quaint Freud // Born And Raised (Version) // AQF001 by ANSTAM

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