Saturday, January 7, 2012

Decas - "The Lady Who Broke The Beat" EP

This non-digital release pressed exclusively on 180 gram vinyl by Uaudio and released by Decas is an ear pricking old-school techno EP. The drums rollin in on "1535 Revolvers" assuring a pure dance floor track, "Twelve Hours Reborn" is an ambient techno track with element of both BoC and Four Tet, while "The Lady Who Broke the Beat" is all 808 and 303. Listen to samples of the tracks below:
Uaudio 01.1 - A1 - Decas - The Lady Who Broke The Beat by K1971
Uaudio 01.1 - B1 - Decas - 1535 Revolvers by K1971
Uaudio 01.1 - B2 - Decas - Twelve Hours Reborn by K1971

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