Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tri Angle Bi Post no. 6 - Vessel announces new album and Evian Christ releases "King and Them" on vinyl

Welcome to our 6th installment of Tri Angle Records news couplings (check out our previous one here).  This time around we're happy to reveal two album releases (one brand new and one first time physical release) from two of the label's most recent signings.

First off we're talking about Vessel's LP entitled "Order of Noise" to release this September.  According to the imprint "trying to pin down Vessel’s constantly evolving sound has never been an easy task".  This not only applies from track to track, but within a track itself.  Listen to album track "Court of Lions" below as it meanders from an intro that sounds like a typewriter having a go at ping pong to a techno second act only to end up in electro/ambient crossover territory.

Speaking of Lions check out the cover for Evian Christ's "King's and Them" which is finally available on vinyl from all good record stores including this one.  On our fourth Tri Angle Bi Post we talked about how excited we were about Evian joining the roster and even posted the link to all the tracks of the album for download.  Listen to "MYD" one of our favorite tracks on the album below:

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