Saturday, August 20, 2011

Felicita - "Fantasy Rush/Wavey"

Not much is known about the British duo (?) Felicita except that they're a promising lot with a sound (and head gear) not far removed from the Tri Angle crew, though different enough to warrant a notable mention among the witch-house hipsters that seem to be overflowing the web.  The track "Fantasy Rush/Wavey" is a testament to their unique approach:  a gritty bouncy bassline collides with mangled vocal snippets while a hyper active kick carries the rhythm section home.  A music box melody introduced toward the second half of the track takes the tune into a whole new direction perhaps explaining the double name of the song.  For fans of Actress' latest work as well.  Listen to the mesmerizing: "Fantasy Rush/Wavey" below:

shougang fantasyrush / wavey by FELICITA

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