Friday, August 12, 2011

New tracks by Com Truise and Hard Mix

Most of us here at Red Cup were alive in the 80s and look back at the decade of hairspray, keytars and shoulder pads with fondness. We've since learned to forgive a lot of the fashion blunders and heinous crimes against music and even accepted the influence of that decade's sound on a lot of modern electronic music (see all sorts of retro outfits, a lot of electro, chillwave etc.)

Today we bring you two such examples of 80s nostalgia based production.  The first is Com Truise who recently released his LP  "Galactic Melt" on the record label we've raved about  many times before Ghostly.  Listen to the audacious 80s arpeggio synth led track "Either Drift"  below:

Next up is South Carolina's Hard Mix  who has kept us entertained with a free LP and a number of 80s tinged mixes for a while now.  "Upkeep" is a new track on a split 7" with Torkelsen on Sell Out! Music.  Hard Mix sticks to his unique 80s sample choices (sax and abstract pop croons) and gives them thats 2010s treatment.  Listen to "Upkeep" below:



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  2. Sorry bout that! Link is fixed!
    Regards from Greece :)