Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sight Below – "At First Touch"

Ghostly International is an overlooked label with a roster that exemplifies the cutting edge of electronic music across the Atlantic.  Aside from Red Cup favorites including Gold Panda, Com Truise, Dabrye and Pale Sketcher, the label also collaborates heavily with a range of visual artists and graphic designers resulting in a multitude of amazing album covers, independent art pieces and clothing. 

On August 1st Ghostly newcomer The Sight Below will release album “Glider” on a special edition and limited 2xLPvinyl.  Featured track “At First Touch”, like the rest of the record, emits a subtle and warm feeling akin to a dying fire in a wintery setting.  The subdued drones, punctuated by the rounded 4/4 kicks, never succumb to the electronic music staple trick of brightening up a filter to induce that euphoric crescendo we are all familiar with.  Neither is this Detroit or Berlin inspired techno of the cold-factory machine rhythm kind.  Rather, this is a very unique minimal yet earthy sound, with similarities to the Swiss lake cabin inspired direction taken by Pantha Du Prince (who also remixes one of the songs in the vinyl edition) but ultimately more stripped back, astonishingly optimistic and even more primal.  Red Cup highly recommends you listen to this on earphones or risk missing the point entirely:

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